AvailCom (AVL)


Name: AvailCom (AVL)
Total Supply: (2,200,000,000 AVL)
Status: (Over)

AvailCom has set itself the task of uniting private companies and individuals engaged in the rental of real estate and vehicles.AvailCom is a platform that will speed up the search and leasing of any property, whether it is an apartment or a car, and also will eliminate a lot of client’s intermediate actions.

The rental market turnover reaches $450 bln per year, but the ways of renting property remain at a low level. Blockchain platform will allow any guest to negotiate and rent property free from the owner without bureaucratic delays thanks to the created eco-environment. The owner, in his turn, will be confident in protecting his property.

AvailCom do not have the upper hand in keyless turn in property – owners have the right to choose the method and the deadline themselves. Otherwise, they will lose most of the potential customers due to the complication and stretching of the lease process.

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