Connectius (CNT)

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Name: Connectius (CNT)
Total Supply: (42,758,621 CNT)
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Connectius is a blockchain based solution for e-commerce.The project goal is to help stores online to not lose money in fraud transaction its allow all e-commerce stores to deal with their Consumers using a smart-contract which will help e-commerce stores to reduce fraud and for transactions to be more secure for the Consumers.The Connectius Ecosystem also offers a set of ready-made services, modules, algorithms, and anAPI, which can be used for the creation of new projects. The price of the product will become cheaper by reducing the expenses related to fraud at the same time connectius will provide discount system that will help e-commerce worldwide to get better sales using connectius platform. The CNT token is meant for internal use of the connectius platform it also can be easily integrated into any existing e-commerce they will provide a proof of concept int the e-commerce platform.It is a marketplate that all transaction will be processed by using smart contracts.Consumers will be able to find craftsmen, merchants or any other specialists to execute a routine job the beta version of the application that will help us understand e-commerce better is claim to be released at the end of the year.The development of Connectius ecosystem started by the group of enthusiasts this year 2107 the idea was driven by the fact that cryptocurrencies have spread outside the bounds of narrowly specialized communities. Since the beginning of 2017, it has become obvious that cryptocurrency is soon to become an indispensable part of the exchange of goods and because of significant rises in cryptocurrency prices its the proof that the demand for the Ecosystem will occur in the near future so connectius can become of the solution for the high demands in the ecosystem in the future.Last year up to 8% of revenues of e-commerce was lost due to fraud and almost 40% of all transaction attempts were fraudulent ecommerce spent nearly 5% of their revenue for fraud management.The solution of connectius is by eliminating the chargeback and card not present transaction by using decentralized smart contracts by reducing the impact of fraud, any e-commerce can reduce costs of its goods or services at the same time centralized marketplace can lead to private data leakage because human errors are common the centralized market stored your card details so when data leakage occur it can be use for fraud transaction by using connectius you can protect yourself in online transaction because using decentralized smart contract only yousrself will stored your privated keys in your local computer or any other devices.Connectius is an ERC20 token from the ethereum protocol it means the security of the CNT token exclusively depends on ethereum platform the private keys and passwords are saved on the user device the loss of private keys or password could lead to loss of CNT tokens.The payment procedure in conectius services will be shown in fixed uSD that can be paid either usd or CNT token so that the transaction can be processed by smart contract they will also plan to accept other coins or token that will be converted in CNT token the e-commerce merchant can either keep the token or exchange them it to USD at the same way.

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