Cryptomarketads is the solution for crypto ads ban 

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by Hoticolist : Cryptomarketads is the solution for crypto ads ban you want to know why?

Advertising in bitcoin become expensive when the price rise fee also rise and many popular website where you can use fiat to advertise like facebook , google and twitter begin to ban crypto ads last year because of many ICO who advertise in their platform didn’t manufacture the merchandise they promise or the team behind it simply disappeared.

The result’s the worth of the token drop and plenty of new and veteran investor lose loads of cash that why cryptomarketads starting to build a solution where you’ll be able to advertise or sell your crypto related service with lower fee while they escrow the funds in Cryptomarketads marketplace.

Currently several crypto user begin to support Crypto Market Ads and start to list their service in marketplace including us in Hoticolist.

We list our premium listing in cryptomarketads marketplace you can check it in this link

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