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What is Cybertrust ?

Over the past 18 months, we have seen cryptocurrency market become the focus of economies for all the right reasons. The Bitcoin rise in value is one of the major interests that world economic giants and financial institutions have continued to talk about. However, the lack of regulation of Bitcoin makes it tricky for worldwide adoption.

Banks have already shown a lot of interest in getting into the cryptocurrency markets but it is true they lack the required infrastructure. Further, the legal barrier is another challenge for the financial institutions to enter the cryptocurrency market. This is what led to CyberTrust showing interest in bridging the gap so as to bring the financial institutions into crypto markets. So what is CyberTrust role in bridging the gap?


How CyberTrust Works in Enabling Financial Institutions Entry into Crypto Markets

To recap a bit so as to understand this better, it is important we introduce who CyberTrust is and what it is they do.

CyberTrust is a security services company that provides information security solutions to Governments and businesses. Some of the systems they support include the business applications security services and they also test applications security on behalf of institutions. Therefore, the company intends to use their extensive knowledge in information systems security and the unique skill to come up with a service that will make the traditional financial institutions join the crypto markets. So how will this work?


CyberTrust Securitization

This will work through Securitization process which involves the conversion of digital assets into marketable security. Therefore the value of the security being marketed at the marketplace will be backed up by the value of the initial asset that is in question. Therefore based on securitization, the banks will be able to offer liquidity of the asset in question and sell it while it retains the value. The value of the asset is described as a derivative in the financial markets. Therefore the banks will be selling the crypto derivatives to the consumers. So what are the advantages of using this?


You Will Avoid Unregulated Exchanges Hence Trust

The alternative of crypto derivatives is the raw cryptocurrency. We know that the cryptocurrency market is widely unregulated. This is the major challenge that hinders people from using the cryptocurrencies. Therefore through availing the crypto derivatives, CyberTrust makes it possible for these financial institutions to be able to bypass trading on unregulated markets and brings them to the regulated scenario. This creates more trust hence the financial institutions are able to join the crypto markets.


The Security of the Crypto Assets Achieved through CyberTrust

In cryptocurrencies, the major issue is the security of the private keys. The private keys are what guard the crypto assets. With CyberTrust extensive knowledge in the security systems, the risks will be mitigated. This is through multi-factor cryptographic solutions that the company is ready to implement. Therefore the crypto derivatives will be secured making it fit for the investors.


With such efforts, the cryptocurrency adoption problem is set to be a thing of the past.

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