Don’t fall for this Trump’s statement about Bitcoin.

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Don’t fall for this Trump’s statement about Bitcoin.

This is actually bullish! “Giving attention” to crypto period, tells me it’s game on. Never trade cryptocurrency based on the news and statements like that. Do you remember the statements from the JP Morgan?

If you learned something from that, you should seek for every opportunity and buy any dip that comes (if it comes).

That’s how the big players do their thing. You want to buy cheap coins? Make a negative statement about it and buy cheaper. If you panic sell, they will get your bitcoins before it goes further to the upside.

You will be shaked out and kicked out of this train. Don’t fall for it. This is bullish in my opinion. Bitcoin clearly got some attention from mr. Trump (or his team) clearly, it’s so important that he tweets about it.

If it wasn’t important he wouldn’t bother to write anything about bitcoin. He also didn’t say that he is against bitcoin. He just said he is not a fan of btc. A big difference.

He likes to change his mind very often on his twitter! Trump has many followers and he mentioned bitcoin to them. Any advertising is a good advertising! So again, don’t fall for it.

I think you should do the opposite of what the small traders would do in this case. Buy the dip!

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