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About G-Global

As a decentralized consulting platform, G-Global allows users to talk over blockchain technology using IFPS while getting paid for your expertise. The platform connects both experts and companies alike. As an expert, you can be hired as a professional staff for companies. G-Global aims to handle all listed industry-specific problems through blockchain and its unique G-GLOBAL tokens. Blockchain will facilitate the creation of the G-Global platform that has no analogue.

“Decentralized consulting marketplace. Gain knowledge, transfer time”

In summary, it is a fully decentralized platform that allows people to talk to one another via the Internet while being rewarded for their expertise. For experts to discuss issues and problems via blockchain and internet, a token must be purchased to power the blockchain. Furthermore, G-Global aims to create a freelance platform for companies to find employees with a particular expertise, all these while operating on the blockchain.

The scientific leader of the project is Hanon Barabaner. He is a Doctor of Economics, vice-president of the coordination council of the Eurasian economic club of scientists, and other portfolios. His contribution to the G-Global project is centered on economic and macroeconomic issues. Denis Tsyro is the founder of the project, a professional in the field of management and business economics education for the past 12 years. He wants to bring his vast years of experience training more than 10,000 people in entrepreneurship and project management to the G-Global project. He has also managed a recruiting agency for more than 4 years.


Problems solved by the G-Global platform

  1. Reduces the cost of consulting services (financial optimization).
  2. Hire global specialists for regional enterprises.
  3. The use of cryptocurrency for calculation enhances speed, transparency, and convenience.
  4. Search optimization through machine learning.
  5. Open source and decentralized G-Global marketplace.
  6. Protocol of passionarity plus blockchain that enhances professional competence and efficiency of human activity.


Key features and benefits of G-Global

  1. It is transparent

The use of blockchain technology makes G-Global transparent and removes any form of information asymmetry. As a decentralized system, information stored is publicly available to all participants, and there is a sense of good faith from one person to the other.

  1. Sense of confidence

Smart contracts keep track of all financial transactions on the G-Global platform. For a quality task that is delivered, the initial cost of each consultation will be transferred. Apart from tracking financial transactions, a smart contract is also a viable instrument when it comes to settling of disputes. If the condition for the execution of a smart contract is not fulfilled, the transaction will not be confirmed. An advisor is also in charge of interacting with the expert community and business schools, to increase the value of the platform membership and the value of feedback.

  1. Unbiased rating system

Whether you are a beginner or experienced professional, the same rating system is awarded for a contract that is fulfilled. The user profile containing his personal and professional information, work experience and examples of work done serves as the primary rating. Assessment is carried out based on completed assignments and portal activities such as consultations, participation in discussions, adding notes, and contribution to other participant publications. In accordance with the gravity of each criterion, an overall estimate is calculated. Another consideration is the expert’s personality for building effective relationships.

  1. Effective search function using machine learning

Provision of a standard search function using various criteria in the main version of the platform. The team aims to develop a machine learning system after the hard is reached, to allow users find expert answers to questions that are similar to a client’s request in the related topic. Additionally, the system will be able to map a user that can perform a unique task based on the analysis of his competencies as an expert. Machine learning is an effective tool when it comes to narrowing of profile based tasks and personnel selection.

  1. One time Proportional fee

One time proportional commission in form of GGP token from the transactional page is charged

  1. Earn through referral

Users can earn as much as 15-30% of the platform commission by inviting new participants to the platform for the activities that will be carried out. The reward program is to reduce the cost of marketing while attracting new experts and customers. As active members, you are rewarded with tokens for the development of the platform.

  1. Tax optimization and absence of bureaucratic process

It is much more profitable to provide service or get service through the G-Global platform, unlike the traditional way. For a small amount of tasks, you are spared excess bureaucratic process, while it also allows you to save on tax, insurance and so on. The smart contract takes care of employment contract and no additional contribution; this simplifies and makes the hiring process profitable.


ICO details and token distribution

The ICO is carried out for the circulation of the token and the promotion of the product and development of the ecosystem such as the payment module for the business. Distribution of the bulk of the token will be through ICO, while 10 percent is for the team, partner and loyalty funds. 2 percent of the token is reserved for bounty, and 1 percent for the advisory board.

Pre-ICO will run from January 15th, 2018 to February 2018. The plan is to sell up to 2 million tokens which will be used to launch critical parts of the protocol, prepare payment gateway, and finance advertising and marketing of subsequent stages.

ICO stage will be held from 1st of March to 30th of April 2018 after marketing activities and public announcement. As participants during the first week, you are entitled to a 10 percent bonus of the volume of tokens purchased.

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