Experty (EXY)


Name: Experty (EXY)
Total Supply: (100,000,000 EXY)
Status: (Over)
Raises USD: ($9,468,000)

What is Experty?

Experty is the first Ethereum powered voice and video application which allows users to monetize their time, knowledge, and expertise on a global scale. The Ethereum blockchain allows for automatic payments from client to contractor based on the predetermined rate and the length of the conversation. Experts on any subject can share a link to their Experty profile on any platform they see fit, including but not limited to, social media, websites, and emails. There is no central marketplace.

Experty is a platform where knowledge seekers can connect to experts. This service is widely used in business when companies need expert advice and don’t have anyone within the company who can help.

Their core technical team comes from the web consulting company React Poland. They have years of experience developing applications, as well as a deep understanding of consulting and the problems that arise when billing clients. Partnered with experienced leaders and international team members, the Experty team is prepared to take on challenges and ensure the success of the company.

Experty is based in Switzerland and has a very young team. The CEO is Kamil Przeorski while the co-founder is Tom Dyl.


Problem Solved

As a consulting team, we have found a technological need for a payment service able to process adhoc conversations and consultations. Currently, in order to provide or receive online consultations, there are three settlement possibilities. Each of them has their own associated problems:

  1. Charge and Cost Confusion: A user can pay a provider up front for a consultation, but the exact amount required is not known because the provider may be charging by the minute or by the hour. in addition, the user and provider may not know the total duration of the conversation at the time that payment is discussed.
  2. Trust: A provider can also use a post-consultation billing system, which requires the provider to trust that the knowledge seeker will pay for the service after finishing the call.
  3. Payment friction: A provider can also rely on external services or third party intermediaries. In these cases, money transfers are highly regulated events that create a large barrier to entry, even for globally-recognized brands.  They see an opportunity to connect our dedicated software with blockchain technology. Their goal is to make experty fully decentralized, thus preventing DDOS attacks from taking the platform down entirely. Experty will have the ability to operate globally, without interruption, at any time.


Core Features

The experty platform is based on an ethereum network contract which acts as the back-end for the service. The website and applications store the information about the usage history of all users.

  • WebRTC Protocol

Audio and video communication within the application uses the webRTC protocol. This protocol is used in apps like Whatsapp or Google hangouts to ensure peer to peer data encryption and provides robustness proven by millions of users using the technology already.

  • Fully decentralized Call Links.

Their goal is to allow experts to share their paid call link whenever and wherever they want. this avoids relying on experty to create a marketplace for them. Knowledge providers can use networks where they are already known and considered trusted experts, such as message boards, social media, blogs, etc.

  • Instant Payments

The payments will occur on the ethereum blockchain after the call based on a pay-per-minute rate. They will provide the security of a payment settlement system. A caller without sufficient funds to complete at least 30 seconds of a call will not be able to trigger a call. If a caller’s funds are running low, they will be notified in advance and will be disconnected when funds fall below the per minute rate.

  • Cross Platform Calling application

The first version of experty will have dedicated calling applications for most platforms, including ios, android, and windows. We also plan to integrate experty with third party video calling applications so that potential users will be able to use the application of their choice.

  • Availability schedule

Knowledge providers are able to set their availability time, so they can easily prevent all calls outside a given timeframe.

  • Ethereum wallet

The provided applications will have a built-in ethereum wallet for managing funds


Benefits of Experty Platform and Possible use cases

The most likely use cases for experty will occur for professionals who are well known or casual users with a niche following. Professional users may include lawyers, medical providers, programmers, professors, business advisors, etc.; and casual users may include bloggers or youtubers, celebrities and influencers, webcam models, and charitable causes.

  1. Lawyers: Frequently, one needs quick ad-hoc knowledge from a lawyer. The most common method today is through an in-person consultation to avoid the payment settlement problem, even when it may be easier to complete this over the phone.
  2. Medical Consultants: Similar to lawyers, there are instances when phone conversations are perfectly suitable for provider and patient. With concierge medicine and telemedicine on the rise, doctors and patients are now regularly participating in everyday checkups or consultations through the internet. These services are also crucial for those in rural and/or underserved areas, especially those who suffer from chronic illnesses requiring frequent doctor visits.
  3. Programmers: Most of the people from our team are programmers themselves. We are frequently called upon as consultants. When working in a large company, there are usually multiple colleagues available for feedback. This is not the case when doing freelance work. There are discussion boards and web chats to pose questions, but no financial incentive to provide an answer, leaving many waiting for a reply.
  4. Business advisors: Short consultations with successful business professionals can become a critical pivot point for many companies on all levels.
  5. Professors: Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are becoming increasingly popular. Professors or distributors may have limited time and availability to answer questions that arise. Experty will help triage and prioritize their time.
  6. Language Learning: Listening to foreign languages when learning is as important as attempting to speak the language yourself. With experty, you can call anyone in the world and have a live conservation in any language when native speakers are available.
  7. Webcam Chats: Paid one-on-one video-chats with camera models are popular services that currently require an intermediary for payment.


ICO and Token Distribution

The Experty crowd sale is scheduled to begin on Dec 13th with a presale followed by a full sale on Dec 17th. Participants in the pre-sale will receive up to a 40% bonus on tokens. The market cap is about $15 million, which is low for ICO standards.

Maximum Cap 

33,000 eth or $9,000,000 usd, whichever is lower

Total token supply

100 million (100,000,000) EXY, of which:

  • 33% tge allocation tokens
  • 33% Company tokens (vested for 3 years*)
  • 30% partner tokens (locked for 18 months)
  • 1% to cover tge costs
  • 3% airdrops and bounties minimum amount on

(Soft Cap)

2,000eth, and all raised money will be refunded if soft cap is not reached.

Ethereum ERC20

Experty is using the ERC223 standard, an updated version of erC20. Erc 223 requires less gas than erC20, prevents the risk of tokens being lost when they are sent to an incompatible contract, and is also fully compatible with erC20 for the purpose of exchange listings.

If you want to learn more you can visit Experty Website or Ask us in Bitcointalk.

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