Extrabit (EXB)


Name: Extrabit (EXB)
Total Supply: (100,000,000 EXB)
Status: (Over)
Raises USD: (Pending)

EXTRABIT establishes itself as a crypto mining company which has been making quite a mark in the cryptocurrency arcadia. In the recent months, the aspiring company has been successful at acquiring a contract from the local supplier which entitles them to free electricity usage over the course of the initial five years the supplement the mining functionality by virtue of complex hardware systems. Following the completion of the initial five years, the company is entitled to cheap electricity for a lifetime by virtue of the contract.

EXTRABIT emphasizes on secure investments and profitable mining aspects sighting an expected ROI of 185% on a yearly basis. The blockchain development company is presently at the brink of the cryptocurrency boom which glorifies the prospects of exponential returns in the years to come.

Rating: 4.9/5. From 15 votes.
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