Gexcrypto (GEX)


Name: Gexcrypto (GEX)
Total Supply: (400,000,000 GEX)
Status: (Over)
Raised USO: (Pending)

What Makes GexCrypto a better Trading Platform?

GexCrypto is developed by keeping in mind the needs of the users and it is indeed one of the most desirable options providing more comfort and ease for the users. It offers top-notch services and matchless support to ensure satisfaction.

The Gex is going to bring incredible revolution in the world of cryptocurrency. This is a platform where you can grow your investments in a better way as it overcomes the deficiencies that were found in previous inadequate trading platforms. The use of state of the art technology and innovative approach makes it the most advanced platform for cryptocurrency trading.

Benefits of using Gex?

Being the most efficient and advanced platform, it has a lot to offer you. There are several factors that make it a smart choice. Some of these are listed below. Have a look.

Unique approach

Each of the Gex users is considered an important member of the team and is treated accordingly. Gex offers commendable returns and benefits that are incomparable to any other exchange working currently. Useful investment opportunities are provided for the whole team.


All the activities held here are completely transparent. Nothing is kept hidden from any of the users and all are provided with equal opportunities for investments. With unlimited growth opportunities and fair access to exact market conditions provided here, the users can maximize their growth potential and earn huge profits.

Flawless communication

Gex has users belonging all over the world. The dedicated and active team offers smooth communication for each member, all the time. No matter which time zone you are in, you can contact Gex anytime you want. The everyday operations are run under an active approach and you will see full support, involvement, and visibility of the Gex management at each step.

High-class Security

Every user looks for protection of his investment and this interest is best served here. Seamless security is one of the primary and major concerns of this platform and it is ensured by Gex’s own distinctive security system. Several features of protection are offered here. Additional to the username and password, an extra layer of protection is added, which is termed as 2FA. This authentication key is provided to the users as a one-time password on their registered mobile number. Furthermore, in order to maintain the integrity of each user account and for constant monitoring, a unique verification software is used. Not only this, here you will get full protection against any unauthorized access and the integration of latest technology makes the whole withdrawal process safe and secure.

Cold Storage Deposits

To ensure the unbreachable security, about ninety percent of the funds are deposited in the cold storage. This makes an additional protective layer and prevents any unauthorized access by the third parties.

24-Hour Customer Support

Last but not the least, very efficient customer service is provided to all the users, all the time. You can contact anytime round the clock and you will be given a very timely response. Different mediums including skype and messenger are used for a live chat with the users in 6 different languages to make the whole process more effective. Gex makes special efforts to satisfy all the users, respond to all their concerns and provide answers to all their queries.

Some other benefits of using Gex includes very low transaction charges and free concierge service to all the users for two months.

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