Globcoin (GCP)


Name: Globcoin (GCP)
Total Supply: (251,400,000 GCP)
Status: (Over)
Raised USD: (Pending)

What is Globcoin?

Wealth Preservation is always a concern. Thanks to the bold purchase of cryptocoins such as Bitcoins, Ethers, Ripple and others, many have built a stunning performance in a rather short period of time. Sometimes as a trader or an investor, one has to lock-in some of the profits he has on paper or park its portfolio waiting for the next opportunity.

Today to preserve the value while remaining in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is not an easy task. Very few solutions are available and they may be costly and not fully safe. One of the safest rules of allocation to reduce risk is diversification.

But currency baskets can also bring value to the fiat holders. In a globalized world, your own national currency does not really measure your wealth, except in the sense that it is handy for accounting or payment purposes.

Globcoin is a digital coin that combines the best of crypto-currencies and the best of traditional currencies. GLOBCOIN opens new possibilities to everyone wishing to send or receive money in a secure, cheap and fast way.

GLOBCOIN Crypto Platform (GCP, or GC platform) provides the infrastructure to build baskets of currencies corresponding to specific communities/users’ needs. GCP founders have been at the forefront of innovation in currency management for decades, offering to their large clients (Institutional and family offices) dedicated currency baskets tailored to their own specific needs.

The first basket that will be launched on GC platform will be their flagship “GLOBCOIN”, a basket based on the 15 largest currencies of the world and 5 % weighted in Gold. This basket corresponds to the needs of many users.

Since 2012, they have been trading this basket for large clients on a traditional foreign exchange forward market. Such a basket was previously reserved for large clients due to the structure of foreign exchange markets. Thanks to blockchain technology, it is now possible to offer the basket concept to the community.

They will also add this basket to their current GLOBCOIN multi-currency prepaid card so that people (in addition to their needs in fiat currencies) can buy a basket in just one click.


Benefits of Using Globcoin Crypto Platform

The Platform will enable the launch of customized currency baskets for a variety of uses. Currency baskets are portfolios of selected currencies with different weightings.


Used by Central Banks, very few people would have access to the network necessary to construct such an offering themselves. No retail bank or broker currently offers such a basket.


The Platform will provide flexibility to investors and allows them to express a view on a country or a group of currencies, or to hedge against the weakening of others.


The first basket to be launched, corresponding to the World Reserve Currency (which we call GLX), will enable its holders to tactically switch to the most stable instrument, proven historically to be even more stable than the Swiss Franc.


This system allows Globcoin to create bespoke baskets for different markets.


Globcoin Platform Use Case 1

GLOBCOIN is a digital Coin that marries the best aspects of current cryptocurrencies with the best aspects of fiat currencies. The value of the coin (GLX) is linked to a basket of fiat currencies of the 15 largest world economies and 5 % Gold.

Its value reflects the world economy including its new components and trends such as the booming economies of countries like China or India, while maintaining a good balance of the currencies of Western economies.

Globcoin’s GLX are tokens that function as a store of value and a medium of exchange. Every token represents 1 unit of a basket consisting of the national currencies of the 15 largest economies and Gold, as measured by GDP, adjusted by PPP.


Globcoin Platform Use Case 2

Multicurrency Payment Card

Globcoin Multicurrency Saving Account and Multicurrency Prepaid MasterCard is a platform accessible online or via an App, offering the combination of multicurrency payments and savings. GLOBCOIN account like you would in any other bank account, E-wallet, travel card, etc. transfer it into a range of different currencies, pay people, receive money, withdraw cash and buy things online.

GLOBCOIN provides market-leading pricing and technology, wrapped in an easy to use app suitable for all types of customers – expats, travellers, students, and, increasingly, “Global nomads”. It is the perfect solution for anyone looking to save money when travelling or sending money abroad. GLOBCOIN represents the future of FX, bringing the powers of global markets to the fingertips of its cardholders. We plan to add the GLX to the currencies available on the card. They are adding new customers each day, without widespread expensive advertising, but mainly by word of mouth.


Why you should invest in Globcoin

      1. The best of both worlds

GLOBCOIN is the first to fill a gap between the crypto world and the world of “traditional” (fiat) currencies. They propose a solution for holders of cryptocurrencies who want to diversify at least part of their portfolio.

  1. More stability, less volatility

With GLOBCOIN, you can lock-in the value of your crypto portfolio and protect it against drawdowns and volatility.

  1. 100% backed token

Some investors fear the crypto trend because of the lack of real assets backing their value. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, GLOBCOIN is a token but it’s backed by real assets, one for one, with real creditworthiness at a custodian bank.

  1. Prepaid multi-currency card

Their successful GLOBCOIN Multi-currency Prepaid MasterCard has been offered to clients in the SEPA region since June 2016. It is one of the very few cards in the world that allows you to hold several currencies in your wallets. It also adds funds to them in advance to ensure favorable rates.

  1. Talented team

They believe they have the best team for this. Their team combines FX and Blockchain experience. All in one successful entrepreneurship

  1. Currency neutrality

You can use GLOBCOIN as a hedge to an existing portfolio of investments for something “currency neutral”, something global, without having any currency bias.

  1. Ideal for P2P payments

The currency neutrality is ideal for P2P transfers. GLOBCOIN will be used on a P2P base offering clients a cost-effective, convenient and instant transaction service with total transparency.

  1. Strong partnerships

Our team has extensive connections in the target sector and experience in business, software development, and distribution channels.

  1. Flexibility for investors

The GLOBCOIN Platform intends to provide flexibility to investors and to allow them to express a view on a national currency or a group of currencies, or to hedge against the weakening of others.

  1. Pre-Sale Benefits

There is a 30% bonus on token distribution during the pre-sale period only. Instead of receiving 100 GCP per 1 ETH, you will receive 130 GBP per 1 ETH during the presale period 8–12 January 2018.


ICO and Token Details

The GLOBCOIN GCP token creation process is organized around smart contracts running on Ethereum. Participants willing to support the development of the GLOBCOIN project can do so by sending Ether to the designated address. By doing so, they create GCP at the rate of 100 GCP per 1 ETH. A participant must send Ether to the address after the start of the crowdfunding period (specified as the block number). Crowdfunding ends when the end block is created, or when the amount of Ether sent to the account reaches the maximum
Pre-ICO: 8-12 January 2018
ICO: 13-31 January 2018

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