Hada DBank (HADA)


Name: Hada DBank (HADA)
Total Supply: (500,000,000 HADA)
Status: (Over)

What you need to know about Hada DBank

Multiple areas of industry are currently taking advantage of the disruptive nature of the blockchain technology. Most business wants to incorporate their current standards and regulation with the principles of cryptocurrency. Hada dbank brings something new and different. The platform intends to combine the practices of Islamic banking practices with the technology offered by on the blockchain.

As the first platform with this type of digital banking, their important value lies of the principle of sharing and transparent management between itself and its investors. This is truly the traditional principle of conventional Islamic banks.

After carrying out analysis of the causes of the breakdown in the economy through the conventional banking systems, it was observed that debts and interests are the main causative factors. Hada dbank wants to implement their ideas by following the ethical and responsible banking system that is obtained through-out the world.

It must be on notice that the bank is not just for Muslims but for everyone in the whole world. Islam does not believe in the concept of debts and interests. Transparency among the bank and its customers will be upheld, while profit and loss will be equally shared to avoid market manipulation and the potential of a domino crash.

The team is led by Mohd Al-Shazanous (CEO/CFO and Co-founder). He has more than ten years’ experience working as a finance and risk manager with reputable corporations such as Shell Malaysia, ACCA Malaysia and Maybank Life Assurance. Linda Azmi and Juan Mahussin are the other Co-founders.  Both of them shares years of experience when it comes to marketing and programming. They have worked in reputation organizations in Malaysia and Japan.

Difference between Islamic banking and conventional banking

Hada dbank offers fewer risks and better resilience than the conventional banks, while there are stricter guidelines around capital and mobilization of deposits. What this means is that customers have security on their money. They are transparent unlike the conventional bank that conceals what they do with customer’s money. As an investor with hada dbank or any Islamic bank that follows the conventional principle, you have a say on how you want your money to be invested. The two main principles is the concept of sharing profit and loss, and prevention of interest on payments by investors and lenders.

Benefits of using Hada DBank

  1. Each individual have free access to the platform smartphone banking app or USSD code that comes with a free encrypted account and e-wallet. As an account holder you are entitled to a minimum of 5% return every year and you will not be charged a take-out fee.
  2. Whether you are doing transfer with fiat or cryptocurrency(hada coin), the transaction is completely free so far it takes place between a savings account and an e-wallet. Even with fiat accounts, you are not liable to pay any transaction fee on the hada platform.
  3. As a receiver of funds that is linked with Hada platform, you are likely to get a better rate than from our competitors.
  4. Zero interest fees on loans, and any investment with Hada will give you a guarantee yield of at least 10% return.
  5. Fast transactions tracking in real time.


Key features of the Hada DBank platform


  1. Free encrypted account and electronic wallet
  • Smartphone users can install the hada dbank banking app
  • None smartphone mobile users can use sms/ussd code
  1. Saving and withdrawal
  • Guaranty of 5% minimum savings return per annum
  • Zero withdrawal fees
  1. Transfer, remittance and exchange
  • Zero fee incurred on exchange carried out via hada exchange platform(between cryptocurrencies). Zero charge on the major fiat currencies used in fiat and crypto exchanges
  • There is free transfer and remittance of funds both for fiat and cryptocurrency used in personal savings accounts and e-wallets
  1. Loans and Investments
  • Zero percent interest on loans
  • A minimum of 10% return on investment.
  1. Real-time transactions and payments
  • You are assured of payments in real-time when using hada coin and other cryptocurrencies with the use of hada debit card.

The Hada Coin

Hada coin will facilitate banking transactions on the platform or elsewhere on daily basis. All customers of the bank will be issued a debit card that will enable them transact with hada coin, or with other banking platforms around the world. Transactions done on the platform are registered and stored in blocks, each blocks are cryptographically linked to previous blocks for security and privacy of the transactions.

As a user, you can perform cash withdrawals with from any ATMs with their partnering banks throughout the world. No service or withdrawal fee will be incurred during the course of this transaction as a customer of the bank. So you enjoy free transaction fee.

Token sale and ICO

Capital raised during its ICO will be used for the development of hada bank through the use of hada coin. As a customer, you will be able to perform transactions daily with your hada coin. Debit card will be issued to be used on their platform and globally. 500 million hada coins will be issued, which will be distributed amongst investors, institutional buyers and bounty campaigns. Pre-sale starts on the 20th of December and closes on the 28th of February. Pre-ICO funding target is 5000 ETH soft cap, while the hard cap is 20,000 ETH. Their ICO will be announced in future.

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