Hiveway (WAY)


Name: Hiveway (WAY)
Total Supply: (400,000,000 WAY)
Status: (Stop)
Raised USD: (Refunded)

What is hiveway?

The hiveway is the first decentralized social network platform. It aims to offer alternatives to people when it comes to social networks. An advantage over other social platform is that they do not sell your identity to third parties. To achieve this, they plan to be autonomous in terms of self-governance, by the use of a democratic system in which the community members are in-charge of voting for people that will be responsible from running the affairs and development of the platform.

As a decentralized open source social network, the servers to the platform will be stored on the Amazon cloud, and the data of users will be stored in three random nodes to prevent data loss. Each user on the platform will have full control over their data. The platform interface will combine both Twitter and LinkedIn to allow users follow, send and read posts from all the hiveway nodes.

The platform will be built in such a way that it will be compatible with other social networks. Its algorithm will also be designed in such a way that you can tune to news about the world or your locality, and will make your levers visible and controllable. Through solving issues such as personal data, non-transparent marketing campaigns, fake accounts, central governance and data holders, hiveway plans to be the only go-to market.

Evolution of the platform will be in sync with what the community wants, because its management will be the community itself. This is the level of service and transparency that the hiveway platform aims to offer the people. The team is led by……………………..

The Goal

To become a direct democratic social network, while running a fully autonomous system. Users will be able to post and interact with each other through messages, photos and videos. The social platform will be controlled and ruled by the users of the system through an electoral system and its technocratic values. All users will receive the right to vote on the development of the platform, run and manage a position, and vote candidates with more competence for each position.

The Way Token will be the token that facilitates the usage of the platform features and its internal economy. Miners and users of the platform will also benefit directly their contents, without any intermediary player being involved. Hiveway offers various marketing tools and client targeting options to its users or any party involved, in exchange for the Way Token. The gain from the use of the platform is going to be distributed directly to the users, according to the numbers of their followers, and their activity on the other social platforms which they activate.

Values and Objectives of the Hiveway Platform

Today’s social networks rely mainly on the data from their users and sell it to third parties without them fulfilling their elementary needs. It has now gotten to a point where users of a network only receive basic personal utilities, in exchange for their entire activity on the platform. The platforms in turn make enormous amounts of money by selling access of these users attention to big brands, corporate bodies and marketers worldwide.

The problem is not in selling this access for advertising, but every member of the community should have a say in it and monetary rewards given to the community whose attention was being sold. Hiveway social network wants to change all this by focusing on the delivery of proper value, attention and content preferences to its users, while they have the right to control through voting and the application of their personal skills.

As an evolving system, hiveway will need to be directly run by someone. So the central management of the platform will be elected by its users through voting, and will serve for a predetermined term as is the case of an electoral system. Other values and objectives that the hiveway platform offers are:

  1. Decentralized system and data protection: The data from the users will be kept in multiple nodes that are run by miners, with no central having access to any of the data.

There will be communication between these nodes for network synergy that will not be a threat to data security and confidentiality.

  1. Anti-counterfeit measures: All users on the platform will be uniquely represented. The anti-counterfeit mechanism will ensure that pictures, similarity algorithm and behaviors on the platform are genuine. Impersonation of public influencers by malicious users will also be prevented.
  2. Fair Marketing: The Way Token will fuel the platform for its users. This will bring a new dimension to the token architecture of the social media. Users have the opportunity to build ads and target audience, and these ads will be compensated by the Way Tokens in accordance with the reach of these ads. A particular amount of token will be automatically transferred to your platform wallet, if you opt to see ads and when one shows up. This way, the marketing budget from brands will reach the targeted consumers.
  3. Full Autonomy: Hiveway plans to disrupt the whole social media paradigm by transferring governance to the community of users of the platform. A virtual company management using predefined rules, with functional skill-based positions is available. All users can be candidates to key functional positions and gain mandates to run the affairs of the community. Users can pitch, vote and also perform platform improvement projects. This way, the governance of the system will be performed in a truly democratic way.


Platform Features and Mechanics

  1. Profile
  2. Searching
  3. Skill audit and endorsement
  4. Text posts
  5. Media posts
  6. Content Warnings
  7. Push, Favor and Hive
  8. Following users
  9. Notifications
  10. Post rules and privacy
  11. Ads
  12. API
  13. Technology

Token sale and ICO

Four hundred million Way Tokens will be available at the time of pre-sale, and distribution of this token will follow immediately. The initial ICO will be launched in March 2018, while the main ICO will follow in April 2018. The market capitalization is at 30,000 ETH while 1 WAY will be an equivalent of 0.000125 ETH.

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