Blueshare (BST)


Name: Blueshare (BST)
Total Supply: (300,000,000 BST)
Status: (Over)

Blueshare is a security token embodying a defined equity capital participation share of the future expected profits and assets of a portfolio of natural resources projects of a 23-years‘ old established company and within the Group.

About Blueshare
BLUESHARE SECURITY TOKENS (BST) are the tokenized equity capital participation shares of INTERPROM Mining AG – a Swiss-based consolidated company which is among the first businesses in the world to offer its traditional equity capital participation shares on the Ethereum blockchain, offering capital appreciation and dividends, mobility, security, and liquidity to all stakeholders.

The innovative model of Blueshare brings the best of both worlds combining the flexibility and freedom of a distributed blockchain-based asset simultaneously and the tangible real-life business of natural resources extraction and construction. The instantly transferable asset tokens are a flexible and cost-efficient way of investing in less risky and less volatile income stream that is based and secured by the income and the value of Interprom EOOD and Interprom Mining AG real assets comprising of ongoing construction projects and the pool of mining exploration concessions.

Token information

Token Name : Blueshare
Token Ticker= BST
Project Platform: = Ethereum
Type = ERC20
Price in ICO = 1 BST token = 1.6 EUR

Reward Bonus

First 50 days 3%
Next 30 days 2%
Last 10 days 1%

Venture information

Accepting : ETH, BTC, USDT, EUR
Hard cap : 128,000,000 EUR
Tokens for sale : 80,000,000

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