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What is IUNGO?

When it comes to providing solutions for both users and businesses, IUNGO is a new blockchain platform for this purpose. Access to fast, secure and reliable WIFI networks anywhere you are at a reasonable price among others are some of the benefits you can get from the new platform. When it comes to the IUNGO platform, individual users experience a high speed internet access at a fraction of the cost roaming data charges, and also make it possible to access WIFI networks without previous bad experience one usually has such frustrating forms, passwords, or time limits.

Take for instance the user side of the IUNGO platform; this is being made possible by the business side that operates as an open source platform. This allows small businesses, large corporations, or even governments to capitalize on their internet connections by sharing them with IUNGO users. The IUNGO platform as a whole is in charge of handling all the market and branding for IUNGO internet service providers, and makes it possible to use plug and play systems that allow for instantaneous monetization of existing internet connections.

“WIFI access for the masses through blockchain technology”

One of the things IUNGO will provide as a platform is public Wi-Fi access. All service providers will be able to deploy Wi-Fi sites by installing and registering access points for public use. Consumers will be able to use the IUNGO website to locate sites providing access to the IUNGO network.

When in radio proximity to an active access point, a consumer’s device will access internet services and pay for services used. There will be two levels of access security and two payment methods available. High communication security and more flexible payment terms will be available to end users willing to install a IUNGO mobile wallet application.


IUNGO blockchain platform will provide public Wi-Fi access. The new service providers will be deploying Wi-Fi sites and also be able to install and register access points for public use. The people that use this service will be able to use the IUNGO mobile wallet application or the IUNGO website to locate sites providing access to the IUNGO network. When you are in proximity to an active access point and needs internet access, your device will be able to access the internet while you pay for services used.

A two level of access security and two payment methods will be available, while provision will also be made for high communication security and a payment that is flexible and available to end users willing to install the IUNGO mobile wallet application. A fallback browser based authentication and payment method will be available via IUNGO cloud wallet for those without the mobile application installed. All payments will be Token based and cleared on the public Ethereum network.

Ricardas Bernotavicius is the CEO and Co-Founder of multiple MedTech and IoT companies. He is successful entrepreneur with a clear focus on business, media and cryptocurrency. They also have a great team and seasoned advisors in the industry.


Benefits and Use Case of the IUNGO Platform

Wireless Internet Users


  • Remote workers (hipsters or professionals working from coffee shops).
  • Digital nomads.
  • Residents of countries where mobile data plans are expensive and/or poor coverage.
  • Heavy YouTube users.
  • Hardcore gamers on the move.


  1. Instant, seamless, safe and automated connectivity with hassle-free payments.
  2. Affordable and transparent accounting with single wallet globally.
  3. Usage based on preferences (price, speed, quality, reviews).
  4. Global providers network with recognizable branding.


Wireless internet service and providers


  • Small and medium-sized businesses (e.g. restaurants, cafes and bars).
  • Large enterprises and governments wishing to provide secure public / visitor internet access.
  • Individuals who live in close proximity to crowded public spaces.
  • Airbnb hosts.
  • Co-working spaces.
  • Investors interested in providing wireless coverage in a selected area (street, square, block or whole city).
  • MICE organizers (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events/Exhibitions).



  1. Additional revenue stream for individuals and businesses.
  2. Cost savings.
  3. Access to a global user base.
  4. Increased engagement, low entry barrier (cheap — free to use, small fee based on revenue).
  5. Powerful web based service management tools (network abuse prevention, reports, billing, alerts, captive portals, white label branding).
  6. Marketing tools.
  7. Increased security.
  8. Reduced legal liability for corporate “visitor” internet access.
  9. End users can review ratings of any particular Access Point (AP) and provide ratings by collecting quality metrics (latency, jitter, bandwidth) of connections (AP collected metrics are not enough).
  10. Access point provides are placed on maps and business allowed to give descriptions.
  11. AP providers can choose to redirect end-user traffic via third parties therefore limiting legal liability exposure.
  12. AP owners can override the IUNGO recommended price for their location and set their preferred price for the service.
  13. We are building a community where evangelists can provide introductions to installers and manage troubleshooting if problems involving local competences (distributed labor) arise.
  14. Anyone competent enough to participate in running core infrastructure components can take part and benefit from the incentives.
  15. IUNGO provides complete marketing and brand recognition.


The ICO will allow interested investors the opportunity to purchase IUNGO tokens. These tokens will be used as a currency with which users will be able to pay for internet services on the platform. The IUNGO pre-ico has started and offers investors a 66.67% discount.

A hard cap of 1100 ETH is available to investors, which is enforced by a smart contract. The collected funds during the pre-sale period will be used for marketing, legal consultation and MVP finalization.

The tokens can be purchased with Ethereum (ETH). This is the blockchain network upon which the IUNGO network will operate currently. At the time of writing this report, the pre-sale price of IUNGO tokens is 90,000 IUNGO tokens to 1 ETH.

The ICO starts 27th of December 2017, and will operate on a base ICO price of 1 ETH to 30,000 IUNGO Tokens, or ING. The total supply of ING is limited to 10 billion, with 64% reserved in total for investors. Investors will have more details after the conclusion of the IUNGO token pre-sale on the 19th of November 2017.



Wi-Fi access is like water for the thirsty. From workers, casual roamers, or hardcore gamers, the potential for global business is immense. Mobile broadband is the most dynamic market segment within global internet access ranking. As of 2015 for instance, mobile broadband penetration reached 47%, and it is only going to get bigger as the Internet of Things begins to slowly take over the entire world. The IUNGO platform has a lot of potential and value proposition; it is certainly one to keep a keen eye on.

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