Kryptobits (KBE)


Name: Kryptobits (KBE)
Total Supply: (1,442,000,000 KBE)
Status: (Over)

Kryptobits provides new financial services in the Blockchain technology in a faster, cheapear and easier way.

The world of banks is not as efficient as it should be and, moreover, has not adapted to the new times we live.

Digital transactions have grown exponentially, therefore, we need a banking system that goes at the same speed. Now is the time for the Next Generation banking platform: Kryptobits, Blockchain Banking. An easier way to move, invest, ask for credits and manage money. Simple, fast, transparent and accessible to everyone.

Without intermediaries and without minimums. Digital or traditional. Available anywhere and for anyone. Also access to financing, purchase of cryptocurrency and withdrawal of funds through credit cards.

With Instant Money you get total control of your money being able to withdraw instantly, without any commission and from anywhere in the world.

Kryptobits uses Blockchain technology to solve the problems of traditional banks. In this way, you can connect directly with others to move and manage money faster and with more confidence and transparency than any bank could offer.

Kryptobits leads the revolution towards Blockchain Banking. Built in Europe for the world.

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