Medcash (MEDCASH)


Name: Medcash (MEDCASH)
Total Supply: (110,000,000 MEDCASH)
Status: (Over)
Raised USD: (Pending)

What you don’t know about MEDCASH
MEDCASH is a blockchain technology-based platform that facilitates and secures the exchange of medical devices, supplies, and payments globally. The system aims to decentralize the medical device industry by eradicating any form of intermediaries in the medical device and supply ecosystem, thereby increasing the efficiency and lowering the cost of patient or users insurance.
Although it is firstly centered on the medical device industry, there will be flexibility and scalability when it comes to adding other categories in the regulated healthcare industry. Examples of these categories are pharmaceuticals, laboratory equipment, and care providers. It will also be possible to see the MedXchange platform handling transactions, data transfer and storage, payments in the near future.
Due to the sensitive nature and requirements of medical devices, existing blockchain distributed systems is not enough. MedXchange wants to create a legal system that can pass the stringent requirements attached to regulated medical devices. By doing this, better data integrity will be ensured, while also providing a validation system that gives access to only compliant entities as miners on the network.
Based on the combination of the Ethereum blockchain and a distributed hash table, MedXchange among many other features provides the ability for a frictionless data sharing and swift access to a revenue stream for selling users. This whole process will be accomplished through a security and data integrity system, and the addition of executive governance system for node validation.
MedXchange provides a remarkable opportunity for the transformation of the global medical device and supply ecosystem. It will be the first of its kind making use of blockchain technology to provide a thriving medical device service. This will drive down the cost of medical devices and supplies globally while ensuring an affordable medical care.
Julian Ross is the CEO and founder. He has more than 30 years’ experience in medical devices, finance, and technology. With numerous numbers of patents to his name, he holds an MBA (finance). The team comprises of high profile individuals with vast experiences in the medical device, sales, technology, business, and blockchain.
Summary of the MedXchange platform
1. Removal of intermediaries in the medical device and supply ecosystem, ensuring a more efficient transaction.
2. Exchange of medical devices, supplies and payments that are secure globally.
3. Helping people from the bottom of the society by providing health at lower costs.
How MedXchange wants to reduce cost and increase efficiency
1. Reduction of toll in the supply chain
2. Increased transparency
3. Increased efficiency
4. Removal of intermediaries, within a country and globally. There will be an absence of the frequent redundant and non-redundant additive layers in the medical device supply chain.
5. Increased market speed for both manufacturers and suppliers
6. Less or frictionless global supply chain
7. Equipment rental model that is efficient
Features of MedXchange
1. Secure and private platform
The goal is not to have just a marketplace, but one that is highly secure due to the sensitivity of data such as patient information, prescriptions and health information that is stored on the platform. There are countries that are very strict when it comes to compliance with privacy laws that concerns patient data or information.

2. Availability of smart contracts for hospitals, clinics, and GPOs
The platform will create a smart contract for the purchase of medical devices and supplies by hospitals, clinics, and group purchasing organizations. This agreement will help to save money and make the system more efficient for these organizations.
3. A low price of medical devices and higher margins
As patients and users of the MedXchange ecosystem, you will benefit from a reduction in the cost of medical supplies that are delivered to you, thereby increasing affordability. Also, there will be an improvement in margins for the manufacturers of a beleaguered medical device. The end goal is to improve quality and save lives while enhancing the viability and innovativeness of medical device companies in the long run. Buyers and sellers are connected directly without the need for intermediaries, which removes unnecessary costs that will be incurred.
What is Medcash?
Through the use of the Medcash token (MEDCASH), all transactions on the MedXchange ecosystem will be facilitated. The marketplace wants to be a global, and connect sellers and buyers of medical devices, equipment’s, and supplies. It is estimated that the amount of trade for medical devices will grow to 435 billion dollars in 2020.
Advantages of using Medcash token for sellers
1. Low transaction costs and no upfront hidden charges.
2. Increment in profit margin due to the absence of middlemen in the supply chain
3. An increment in market speed. A new product can easily be updated and accessed on the MedXchange platform
4. A fair playing field for both small and large conglomerates
5. A branding consistency that is global.

Advantages of using Medcash token for buyers
1. Lower cost of devices, equipment and supplies.
2. Unlimited choices to be made
3. Transparent and controlled ecosystem
4. Better and more payment options
5. Self-direction for patients and consumers, as they have key decisions to make in their healthcare.
Medcash ICO and token distribution
Based on the ERC-20 token, users on the platform will be able to conduct transactions locally and globally using the MEDCASH token that can be purchased and sold using fiat money.
The private sale which is the pre-ICO will offer the token to the early contributors and investors. This fund will be used for the development and facilitation of the main sale. The private sale starts on the 16th of March and ends on the 23rd of March with a 25% bonus and 20% bonus in the first and second week respectively.
The main sale offers up to 20 million MEDCASH tokens for 8 weeks, the remaining token from the private sale. The minimum contribution is 0.5 ETH while the maximum starts from 1oo, 000 dollars. There is an early cash of 25% bonus that decreases as the sales go on. The main sale will end when the hard cap is reached.

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