Miralab (MIRA)


Name: Miralab (MIRA)
Total Supply: (30,000,000 MIRA)
Status: (Over)
Raised USD: (Pending)

What is Miralab?

Cryptocurrencies is fast becoming the part of many people’s live, but there are still people that find it hard to make investments in this domain. The problem with this kind of situation is that even experienced users need some training when it comes to dealing with crypto. Mira is an easy and convenient trading platform that makes the buying, selling and storage of cryptocurrencies extremely easy.

As a platform, it has been uniquely designed for novices, so that the process of obtaining digital assets becomes easy and streamlined. Another feature of this service is the use of the MiraBox technology. The MiraBox is an encrypted container that will be used to store tokens or files in a way that your currency is safe and free of attacks from hackers and miners.

Meanwhile, the Mira ecosystem has evolved and has been transformed from a P2P exchanger to a full-fledged Mira software suite. It is a way to make the process of interacting with cryptocurrencies more understandable for users. You can purchase any cryptocurrency by simple sending file.

The team is led by Dimitry Baday (CEO). He has years of experience in building IT departments for large companies and a managing partner at Ctrl-V Mining Club. Its CFO is Nikita Novozhilov, a portfolio manager and an experienced banker.

3 Issues with similar platforms

  1. Offline Wallets:

Often, advanced users of cryptocurrencies prefer to keep their digital assets in a wallet. These wallets are operated in such a way that a complete copy of blockchain and its nodes are downloaded to support the network. Although this provides maximum security to its users, it has some obvious drawbacks like:

  • Need for a special requirement (especially specification of PC).
  • It occupies a large memory space.
  • Takes a long time to synchronize wallet.


  1. Online Wallets:

Online wallets solve some of the drawbacks of the offline wallets. By mere installation of application on your phone, you can access your digital assets anywhere in the world. They also come with interface that is friendly and you can understand its functionality. One key drawback of these online wallets is that they are centralized, which means they are prone to attack such as hacking, regulation by government and fraudulent acts.

It is assumed in the crypto-world that you are not the owner of your digital asset on these platforms. Another issue with both types of wallet is the time it takes for transaction. This is determined by the blockchain and you have to wait for confirmation.

  1. Exchanges

Although exchanges offer liquidity and a range of tools, there is no guarantee for repayment to its users when the exchange shuts down. When they are exposed to attacks from hackers or fraudulent activities, the customer’s assets might be lost and there is no guarantee of repayment. Your assets do not belong to you as is the case of online wallets. Summarily, the security of assets is not with their owners.

Due to all these shortcomings, there is a need for a new way of storing and using cryptocurrency that is easy and understandable to any user. So the reason for Mira software suite.

Solutions to the issues: MIRA

  1. Quick and ease of use: As a new user starting cryptocurrency, the current and existing wallets and exchanges might be difficult for you to use and understand. The Mira platform allows you to use, buy and save your cryptocurrency easily. Transaction time is also very short because you are downloading and sending a file.
  2. High level of security: Opening of content is only by possessing the password and meeting of the contract conditions that has been added by MiraBox.
  3. It is transparent: The three systems that they offer as a platform can be loaded onto each other and you can easily have access or see what you have. All your data are stored on the MiraNet blockchain and access to this is through your password and meeting of the smart contract conditions.
  4. Anonymous: Data about you are not stored on the MiraBox and you can have access to it anywhere. Buying and selling of cryptocurrency does not require you to register. The use of a private MiraBox makes your content completely hidden.
  5. Ability to tolerate Fault: All the systems on the platform are independent of each other. The unavailability of the miralab domain does not stop you from using your MiraBox on desktop or the MiraWallet on mobile.
  6. Customization of your smart contract: As a user, you can add a unique specification of conditions for the opening of your MiraBox.
  7. The source code to the software is available on GitHub.


Three Kinds of MiraBox

  1. NominalBox: Has only one kind of cryptocurrency and is the cheapest and easiest way when buying cryptocurrency.
  2. MultiBox: Has one or more kinds of cryptocurrency and you are allowed to add a document up to 25MB.
  3. SmartBox: A multiBox with an integrated contract, you must possess a smart contract before opening the content of the SmartBox.


Token Sales and ICO

The platform is currently offering users the opportunity to buy their personalized tokens. 30 million plus token will be created, while only 24 million tokens will be put up during general sales. Token will be an ERC20 standard that is based on the ethereum platform. The aim is to raise $20 million to meet all its initial targets. A token will be an equivalent between the range of $0.6 and $1.0 and it can be purchased using bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum or dash. Pre-ICO token sales start November 2017, while ICO starts April 2018.

During the pre-sale period, interested buyers will be able to buy up to 300,000 tokens which will be at a reduced rate of $0.6 per token. The Mira platform has a good market potential and its popularity will increase due to the unique and product they offer.

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