What you need to know about SELFLLERY


The Selfllery blockchain technology platform performs many social media functions; key amongst them is the publication and distribution of visual content, while you receive a reward in cryptocurrency for this your social activities. As an ecosystem, it rewards you for making visual contents. Other advantages that the Selfllery platform offers are:

  1. Monetization of your photos, videos, and live stream as a user.
  2. Full support for charity based organizations and easy donations for users.
  3. Availability of easy to use and effective promotional tools for companies involved in users photos
  4. It will disrupt the market of photo and video content for news services and companies by providing search functionality that is convenient for them.
  5. Integration of blockchain and modern technology into the digital market, for increased transparency and security of transactions.

Vadim Onishchenko is the CEO and Founder of Selfllery. He has been working in professional photography and IT field for more than 10 years. Selfllery is his vision of various skills and he wants to change the face of visual contents globally. He has a strong team of professionals.

Problems with existing traditional way of monetizing visual content

Over the years, many graphical contents such as paintings, photographs, rock art, and engravings have been created by people. This comes in different artistic, historical and aesthetic value with only a fraction of them been monetized. There are currently two forms you can monetize your photo content: by direct sales or pushing adverts to the web pages of this content. The commercial use of this form of monetization is acquired by these two forms of monetization, which creates a barrier for you as an author due to the high requirement.

Today, the existing social network giants such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter allow its users to post a huge amount of visual content for free. Despite the commercial value of this contents belonging to the users, the profit generated from them are only shared by the shareholders of this companies. For a user to get any form of monetization for his contents, he has to go through some processes that often delay time.

With the advent of blockchain technology, there has been a shift in this paradigm of not sharing or giving profit to the original owners of visual contents. Several services already exist on the blockchain that rewards its users with cryptocurrency for their activities on the platform. Example of such decentralized social networks is Steemit that has applications such as Steepshot and Photosteem where users get Steem tokens for likes received on their photos.

How Selfllery intends to monetize visual contents for its users

  1. Automatic reward in YOU token for the likes received. YOU are the token that will be used on the Selfllery platform.
  2. Ability to sell your photos in stock to willing buyers
  3. Being rewarded for participation in advert campaigns
  4. Prize placed for competitive photo-quests
  5. Being rewarded for participation in photo contests
  6. Top rating for frequent users and boosted multipliers

About YOU token

The token will facilitate all economic activities that are carried out on the platform. As a YOU token holder, you get access to paid services on the Selfllery network, be able to purchases in the marketplace and stock gallery, charity donations, and internal and external withdrawal of funds to Ethereum based wallets. Transfer of You token only happens with an instance of proof of like “liked contents”, and there is also a deflationary mechanism to keep track of likes over the years.

Features of Selfllery

  1. Social activities monetization

The ecosystem believes that every user that conducts activities on the platform brings value to it and they must be rewarded with the YOU token. Using like is a key metric in the Selfllery operation, serves as a record and also encourage users to be more vibrant. Users get credited with YOU token as they get likes, and a token multiplier automatically calculates the amount of YOU token based on the token multiplier of individual users.

  1. Rating system

This is a popularity indicator that is shown in the profiles of all users and affects their YOU token multiplier. All users are included in the rating system. The factors that influence this rating are number of likes received in total, number of comments and views on a photo. Additionally, there is a different category for lists of top-rated photos. There is also an Editor’s choice section every day for the best photos of the day that raises the authors rating also.

  1. Photo-quests for photographers

Selfllery as a platform will regularly promote photo-quests for single and multiplayer photographers. The task of taking photos of any objects or animals will be given with a time frame. This might be in form of several tasks with different levels of complexity, and users will be rewarded with the YOU token after the completion of a task.

  1. Photo contest for advertisers

There will be a provision of marketing tools for advertisers such as games and contests. Any brand or companies can launch a photo contest with specific conditions for promotion. While blockchain will provide the needed transparency, smart contracts will help to specify the conditions and distribution of rewards for the participants. As an addition, you can also get likes for participating and get extra rewards in YOU token and increase your photo ratings. The more the participants in a contest, the larger the prize pool and hence the higher the reward.

  1. Sales of product and services

All users in Selfllery get access to their marketplace where they can purchase products such as selfie-sticks, smartphones, and cosmetics etc. Services such as photo prints, plastic surgery, and cosmetic procedures etc. can be rendered through the use of YOU token. There will be authorization process for suppliers, an escrow system, rating, and review system.

  1. Sales of stock and digital photos

All payments are expected to be made with the YOU token and stock gallery users are to be verified.

  1. Charity donation

Selfllery will donate 10% of its profit to charity every month and users on the platform can also participate in this social project.

ICO details and token distribution

Based on the Ethereum platform, YOU token will be generated for use on the Selfllery platform. 1 YOU is equivalent to 0.01 ETH, the soft cap is 10,000 ETH while the hard cap is 55,000 ETH. There will be a pre-sale and main sale event for willing investors and discounts will be given accordingly. The second round of pre-sale starts on the 31st of May 2018.

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