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About Streamity

The Streamity platform aims to create a cryptocurrency exchange with a broad range of services. As users, you benefit from developments that occur in the market, while mitigating any risks that might have occurred through transfer, exchange, and ownership. Streamdesk aggregator is the key element of the project. It ensures that cryptocurrencies are easily transferred or exchanged through the use of smart contracts. The prototype to the Streamdesk is available online, and it is the core concept of the Streamity project.

“The mission is to contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency community’s security”

Apart from Streamdesk being an aggregator, it will also facilitate a secure and efficient exchange of cryptocurrencies on the Streamity platform by the use of market capitalization aggregation and price data available from major exchanges. This will ensure true market rates of cryptocurrencies while preventing manipulation of exchange rates that are for profit making. There is transparency and fees are known upfront.

A significant advantage of the Streamdesk to its users and investors is to display relevant market data and fees, coupled with an exchange that is fair, transparent, and secure. In addition, the Streamity platform will also provide services such as news, educational, analysis, and investment resources. This is to add values to users and investors alike by assisting them in their cryptocurrency management and accumulation.

The team is headed by its C.E.O and founder Vladislav Kuznetsov. A successful and think-tank business owner that is able to inspire and lead a team. As a former stockbroker, he has more than 10 years’ experience in asset and business management. He knows the unlimited possibilities of blockchain technology, and with his team, they hope to break a new ground in technology.


Current market problems

  1. Complicated transaction process when buying or selling

The basis of transactions when buying or selling cryptocurrencies for most P2P platforms is BTC and ETH. For example, when selling any other cryptocurrency apart from BTC or ETH, you first have to change them to BTC or ETH before being paid in fiat currency. At every stage of this sort of transaction, a user loses funds that can amount to 10 percent of the threshold.

  1. High exchange fee to fiat money

Statistics have shown that crypto users and investors lose close to 2.5 million dollars daily during the process of exchanging the fiat money for cryptocurrency and vice versa.

  1. A limited number of cryptocurrencies on P2P platforms

When creating your portfolios as a crypto user or investor, you are limited to the number of cryptocurrencies provided by the platform, which is most times only BTC and ETH.


Solutions provided by the Streamity platform

  1. Seamless buying and selling of cryptocurrencies

The platform allows you to sell or buy cryptocurrencies with a few clicks, thanks to their interface. Availability of blockchain technology ensures the absence of intermediaries, while transactions are direct with the seller or buyer via a smart contract.


  1. Unlimited number of cryptocurrencies

As an investor or user, there is a wide range of cryptocurrencies that you can buy or sell, it not limited to only BTC or ETH. This ensures ease when creating portfolios of different cryptocurrencies.

  1. Lack of intermediaries, hence low fees

By eradicating intermediary exchange markets from the exchange, the transaction fees are reduced by up to 0-2%.


Advantages of the Streamity platform

  1. Minimum fees

The freedom of users to choose his choice of transfer method ensures that in most cases, he does not incur any fee in fiat money. If there were to be any fee, it only varies from 0 to 20%.

  1. The use of smart contracts

The Streamdesk application, a key element in the Streamity platform is built on smart contract. This architecture provides protection to both sellers and users in their transaction process. Apart from providing an additional layer of security, the smart contract is also in charge of the verification process of users on the platform.

  1. Fixed rate

When buying or selling cryptocurrencies, you are doing so at a fixed price. The market section on the Streamity platform automatically provides all information about the rates. Real-time calculation of rates through the aggregation of weighted price average of the major exchanges. As a user, you are assured of a secure and confident exchange process through the Streamity platform.


  1. Freedom of transaction

There is freedom of transaction of fiat money and cryptocurrencies amongst member of the crypto community. The exchange is conducted with no intermediaries between buyers and sellers.


Features of the Streamity platform

  1. Information and analytical resource
  2. Investment service
  3. Educational service
  4. Artificial intelligence
  5. Community training


ICO details and token distribution

The ICO is intended to raise fund towards the launch and development of Streamdesk, a decentralized application and a P2P exchange platform. Furthermore, the fund is intended to go towards the development of an informational, analytical and education investment resource that is tailored for the Streamity platform and its services. The internal currency of the Streamity platform is the STM token, which is a key element of the ecosystem. All payments and services will be carried out with the STM token. Based on the ethereum platform, the STM token is capped at 186 million tokens. A token costs $0.20.

70 percent of the token will be distributed to the ICO participants, 25 percent to the Streamity team, 3 percent as a bonus, while the remaining 2 percent is for the advisors. Token sale phase 1 starts on the 12th of March 2018 and ends of the 25th of March. The phase 2 starts on the 16th of April and ends on the 29th of April.

If you want to learn more about Streamity you can check their Streamity Whitepaper or you can also contact us in Bitcointalk.

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