Obizcoin (OBZ)


Name: Obizcoin (OBZ)
Total Supply: (300,000,000 OBZ)
Status: (Over)
Raised USD: (Pending)

Obizcoin is an offering from parent company Your Retail Coach (YRC). Your Retail Coach provides business management solutions for Startups & SMEs, founded in 2012 out of Pune, India. Your Retail Coach’s management services helps its clients to develop their internal as well as external business processes i.e. SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), implement them by aligning the team, integrate processes with their ERP & audit the operational performance of the organization

With the advancement in technology, YRC aimed at taking its already successful business model to a new level of upcoming decentralized revolution by developing Knowledge BOT with the help of blockchain & AI technology. This new solution is called “Obizcoin BOT”

Obizcoin plans to utilize YRCs domain expertise and rich industry experience by integrating it into BOT through Artificial Intelligence & blockchain technology. This will cut down on time needed for research and development of every domain as YRC has already developed Intellectual Property of more than 10 domains that they are already catering to. This shall speed up the turnaround time from development to sales. As once the technology of BOT is ready, the sales can be immediately started with these existing domains.

Obizcoin is a new auto processing system for startups and SMEs network that claims to be the next best thing in the industry. Like all cryptocurrencies on the market, they claim to be the best in the business with the fastest ROI and easy to use bots. Varun Shah is the founder and CFO of Obizcoin. Dr. Rupal Agarawal is another founder and CSO. And Nikhil Agarwal is another founder and the CEO. They also have a board of advisors and a handful of team members working on the project.

They are currently in stage one of development which includes aspects of business intelligence and developing databases. It also has to do with the development and coding of the Bots. There is an entire mapping done of all data given and received. The next step of the process will be higher development during stage two.


How Does the Obizcoin Bot Work?

  • Bot Domain Expertise

BOT will be equipped with Domain knowledge of specific businesses. Domain knowledge pool of BOT will keep on widening with new business domain knowledge additions. Domain expertise will enable clients to have a competitive edge in business management.

  • Bot Process Design

Process mapping, procedures development, KRAs and KPIs, reporting and MIS. Processes designed shall be in parallel with the company’s strategic and operational goals.

  • Bot Process Decisions

With expert domain knowledge, BOT will help the business to take appropriate process decisions. Companies need to move fast, but they also need long-term strategies that will ensure that their business can fulfill the demands for today and tomorrow.

  • Bot SWOT System

BOT SWOT is a system of employing advanced analytical techniques and algorithms to train the BOT on how to capture usable data from a wide variety of sources and formats to provide potential insights on the efficient as well as less efficient verticals in the organisation & work on them to overcome weaknesses & grab opportunities.

  • Bot Smart Contract

BOT will be capable of preparing and executing smart contracts that will enable organizations to automate repetitive and definite tasks with predefined conditions and outcomes. Smart contracts will be executable within & beyond the organizations like vendors, suppliers and so on. This will help organizations to make the transactions and processes transparent and secure

  • Bot Reward System

With the help of ethereum smart contract technology, employee rating and rewarding shall be automated, as smart contracts would execute the financial transactions like payroll, incentives, bonus and commission depending on the predefined conditions.

  • Bot Audit System

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, BOT will conduct process audits of the organization, evaluating the overall operational growth at micro level and improvising the processes with respect to the turnaround time, efficiency and resources consumed.

  • Bot Alerts

BOT Alerts is designed to strategize business processes.


The Services that the Obizcoin Bot Platform Offers

  • Business Process Management
  • Excellence in business Process Management can be achieved by developing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for organization. Standard operating procedures are a set of instructions that address the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY AND WHEN of an activity. SOP defines the responsibilities, authorities and reporting structures for every hierarchy within the organisation.

    BOT categorizes the organization according to size (Startup, Small Scale or Medium Scale) & the Industry (E.g. Ecommerce, Apparel, Jewelry, Luxury Goods, CPG, Healthcare, Education etc.). BOT not only develops the processes but also helps in implementation. Implementation includes allocation of team to carry out the processes, allocation of tasks to the team, monitoring the progress of the team, rewarding the team and upgrading the processes. Obizcoin will integrate with API with various ERPs like SAP, Tally, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Sales force, Oracle etc. & many more

    • Operational Risk Score Analysis

    One of the key features of Obizcoin BOT is its Operational Risk Score Analysis obtained by unique risk score algorithm, which is a comprehensive score of businesses which shall be helpful for SMEs, Startups and Investors to find the following;

    1. Degree of Process Implementation within the organization,
    2. Measure the team performance across the organization
    3. Organization’s Strengths & Weaknesses
    4. It not only determines the score but also an analysis report of the following:
    5. Top Scoring parameters like processes/departments/employees/cost centers etc.
    6. Weak Scoring parameters like processes/departments/employees/cost centers etc.
    7. Strategies for improvisations

    Benefit of the Obizcoin Bot Processes

    • Standardization
    • Scalability
    • Ease in operations
    • Customer service excellence
    • Resource saving

     Token supply and distribution

    • Total Number of Tokens: 300 Million OBZ Tokens
    • Total Tokens for ICO Participants: 270 Million (90%) OBZ Tokens.
    • If Investor Tokens are not entirely sold, the remaining will be allocated to the reserve and used accordingly when needed.
    • Team, Advisors, Channel Partners: 24 Million (8%) OBZ Tokens.
    • Bounties: 8 Million (2%) OBZ Tokens
    • Out of total OBZ Tokens allocated to the team, only 10% would be unlocked every 06 months. This ensures that the team solely focuses its effort on making the Obizcoin Decentralized Application grow.

    SOFT CAP: 1.5M $

    HARD CAP: 15M $

    If you want to learn more about Obizcoin You can read their Whitepaper or ask us in Bitcointalk.

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