Paloxia Token (PATO)

Name: Paloxia Token (PATO)
Total Supply: (300,000,000 PATO)
Status: (Ongoing)
End Time: (04-30-2020)


Paloxia token plays an important role here. In addition, Paloxia is developing new digital market segments. The following services are planned: Change of Cryptocurrencies among each other. Changing the major Fiat currencies into crypto currenciesPossibility of digital trading and investment in e.g. real estate, commodities, and companies.Trading and investment opportunities for all people, even for smaller investors.Creation of a debit card system which covers all bill of exchange and payment transactions, simplified and accelerated.Addition of a decentralized Exchange to the central Exchange.Extension of the Exchange by a special marketplace with the advantageous inclusion of the Paloxia token.

PROBLEMS: There were several problems with the crypto exchanges on the market. Nothing is free in the world of crypto exchanges. Trading volumes are growing daily, and the greed of crypto exchanges is growing at the same rate. Regardless of how large or small a transaction is, all traders are charged fees for each transaction. A small investor or occasional trader who wants to invest $100 has to pay another $10 for fees and commissions, is most likely going to choose another exchange. High transaction fees act as a massive brake on the potential liquidity of the entire crypto market. Traders must deposit their money at the exchanges where such funds have often been stolen by hackers in the past.

Paloxia offers solutions here:

With the help of the Paloxia Token, we simplify trading and lower the fees of our Exchange! Paloxia has found ways to better secure its customers’ funds. Further innovations for the use of the token and thus further increase in value are planned!

Paloxia Exchange


Our Exchange works with modern software that is adjusting to our platforms’ needs to ensure we provide a stable and working platform at any given time. On our exchange, you can be certain that your orders will never be stuck due to the matching engine being overwhelmed.

Own Cryptocurrency

The Paloxia Exchange has its own Cryptocurrency, the Paloxia token. The Investors can acquire Paloxia Token to pay the Trade Fees with Paloxia Token. If the traders use the Paloxia Token to pay the trading fees they get a significant discount.

Token information
Token Name: Paloxia Token
Token Ticker: PATO
Project Platform: = Ethereum
Type = ERC20
Price in ICO = 1 Paloxia = 0.15 USD

Venture information
Accepting: BTC, ETH
Min. investment: 500 USD
Total tokens for sale: 150,000,000 Paloxia
Distributed in Token Sale: 50%

Other information visit the link below :

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