Playhall (PHT)


Name: Playhall (PHT)
Total Supply: (500,000,000 PHT)
Status: (Over)
Raised USD: (Pending)

What is Playhall?

The playhall project platform is based on a decentralized multi-cryptocurrency for mobile and online gaming. It is focuses mainly on mobile games where highly intellectual players can strive for victory. As a player, the platform gives you the opportunity to test your skills against other players, participate in global tournaments, and play in custom tournaments created by organizers and players alike. The currency for the platform will be the most popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ethereum classic, dash, zcash, bitcoin cash as well as the playhall token. Summarily, the playhall platform aims to foster player’s competition, enable you demonstrate yours skills, explore your intellectual abilities, reaction and attentiveness. While enjoying your games, you can earn as much cryptocurrency as possible.

“Playhall is a gaming platform based on blockchain where players can compete and earn while doing what they love”

Existing gaming platforms have not been able to maximize it to its full potential. Most of the current gaming platforms are either managed by software development companies or a separate entity that has interest in games. Playhall aims to leverage on this by creating a disruptive gaming platform based on the cryptocurrency platform. The team is led by Eugen Kaufman. He is the founder and an expert on team building, personnel management, business processes, and management tools implementation. He is one of the leaders of business-angel, a start-up movement in Belarus. As a leader and moderator of Grind Minsk start-up powered by Google, he is a mentor and co-founder per excellence.

Vadim Nareyko is the CTO of playhall. A seasoned professional that began software development as a junior high, before moving up to C-level executive in leading IT companies. He has acted as start-up advisor and organizer for various Hackathon series. For his active service, he received the honorary award as the mentor of the year 2015 in Belarus. Formerly a chief operating officer at Skywind Tech and the ex head of research and development at transition group.

Playhall Platform Games

The beta version for the platform has already been launched which gives users first-hand information of what to expect. Users can play the games on the platforms for demo tokens. Some of the games available are:

  1. Checkers
  2. KoBro Tennis (Table Tennis quiz game)
  3. KoBro Soccer (Football quiz game)
  4. KoBro Football (American football quiz game).

In addition to the above four games that is available on the demo version, another twenty games has been authorized to be added on the platform. Some of these games are Sea Wars, Domino Battle, Royal Chess, Pool, Backgammon, Tetris Battle, and Fruit Match etc.

They aim to have up to fifty games running on their platform by the end of 2018, while targeting at least 200 games by the end of 2019. The team is pro-active and constantly working on enhancing the quality of game content while involving experienced developers around the world.

Key Features

The main feature of the playhall platform is that it allows multiplayer skill gaming. Users of the platform from anywhere in the world can compete against each other and win cryptocurrencies in return. There will be growing interest in the platform due to active gamers, and those that have achieved results in player to player matches will be able to attract new gamers. This will lead to increased number of new set of gamers that wants to compete, and will in turn secure more active token usage. It is aimed that the unoccupied gaming market will be quickly filled while playhall has a functioning ecosystem. Other key features are:

  1. Benefit for token holders: The platform guarantees addition of new users to the platform regularly. This will be achieved through full-scale marketing and awareness on the gaming ecosystem. What this means is an increased usage of the PHT token within the platform and a growing popularity of the platform.
  2. Benefit for players: Players have a viable tool to compete with each other irrespective of the corner of the globe they are. The ability to engage in your favorite intellectual game and win cryptocurrencies (PHT) in return is essential. All this been achieved while using your skills, reaction and erudition.
  3. Benefit for game developers: The platform allows developers to even earn more from their popular multiplayer games.


Playhall Token (PHT)

The PHT token is an ERC20 token that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It will be used for payment on the playhall platform. Gamers will be allowed to participate in tournaments by having the playhall token. It will also be used for any decision making issue, gaming process organization such as voting on the playhall platform.

Apart from PHT that will be used in player to player matches, other popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum can also be used. Development and marketing of the platform is made possible through the playhall token emission. This will allow for the financing of the platform and also extend its geography.

Token Sale

The token pre-sale will start between February 26, 2018 and March 27, 2018. Playhall plans to raise up to 16,000 ethereum which is equivalent to $16million. The Public sale will be announced later, while interested persons can purchase the PHT token with any of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ethereum classic, dash, and bitcoin cash. 1 ethereum is equivalent to 31,250 PHT.

Playhall as a decentralized online skill-based gaming cryptocurrency platform aims to provide gamers with a chance to test their skills, participate in global and local tournaments while earning cryptocurrency in return.

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