Sapien (SPN)


Name: Sapien (SPN)
Total Supply: (500,000,000 SPN)
Status: (Over)
Raised USD: (Pending)

What is Sapien?

The Sapien platform may be a blockchain technology that aims to supply a customizable, democratized social news platform that’s capable of rewardable voluminous content creators and curators with none centralized intermediaries. it’ll be completely supported by the Ethereum based mostly ERC20 customary compliant cryptocurrency SPN. The Sapien network can rapidly evolve to incorporate a marketplace, numerous integrations, and third-party applications

This is a network platform whose dedication is to satisfy the basic social needs of human. There are social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others that are designed for this purpose. But the beauty to us as humans is to socialize and use these social media platforms on the blockchain Technology.

As a technology that has gained its day in the spotlight, blockchain has made cryptography possible. Therefore, the Sapien team is out to combine the desire to interact within a social bubble with the power of the Ethereum Blockchain to better the experience of social network users. As a platform, Sapien prides itself as being private, customizable, subscription based while enabling users to stay up to date, have free speech, and socially interact through posts, groups and friends.

Sapien wants to revolutionize social news by being democratized and tokenized. It aims at rewarding millions of digital content creators without any centralized intermediaries. This amazing platform will be powered by a utility token that will be used to provide a smooth user experience.

The Sapien team is led by Ankit Bhatia and includes Robert Giometti, Martias Dorta, and Stefan Ionescu.

How Sapien Works

We want to achieve our ideals by rewarding millions of content creators without any third party by creating a flexible platform for all users. This will make the platform to explore the Ethereum blockchain (that supports ETH) and will also support the SPN token created by Sapien. Our token (SPN) which is an ERC20 standard, will be used to spur content creators into originality and improvement. Creation of an economic system that makes social networking better for all participants and reduce the spread of fake news will also be implemented.

Users of this platform shall be able to establish a particular content that will be of high quality before going on to reward the creator. This constitutes its proof-of-value protocol. The Sapien platform will also be set up in a way to promote content deemed to be of good quality and other virtual goods while recording creators that consistently do well over time.

Promotions of certain applications and physical goods will be exclusive to the network. More so, users of the network will be able to tip one another for posts which in turn will create a selfless environment give creators some level of economic freedom.

In a perfect state of affairs, the SPN token won’t be restricted to merely the Sapien platform, however it will give holders the chance to determine the direction of the platform. Everyone wants to control what they do online, and this is where the goal of social platform users regaining control comes to the fore.

Core Values of the Sapien Network

  1. Democracy- Users should have the final say over their communities and should be incentivized to contribute.
  2. Privacy- Targeted advertising is profitable but inherently flawed because it exploits user data and infringes on user privacy.
  3. Free Speech – A fundamental principle that should be protected online with disruptive tools.
  4. Customizability- Each user should be able to tailor a social experience to their liking.



Key Features of the Sapien Network

  • Public/Private Browsing

Seamlessly switch between public and private modes to experience Sapien with your real identity or anonymously.

  • Subscriptions

Subscribe to branches to stay up to date with the latest posts from your friends and people around the world.

  • Friends, Groups, and Posts

Add friends, create groups, share posts, write comments, and expand your horizons.

  • Feature-rich Chat

This function will allow you to use our text and voice channels that will provide a more dynamic and engaging user experience.

  • Encryption

Protect your online privacy. Sapien protects your personal data and offers encrypted chat conversations.

  • Highly Customizable

Every individual is unique. Have control over every feature and tailor your own social experience.


Use Case for the platform

There are several users that would comprise Sapiens vibrant ecosystem:

  1. Content Creators: You are allowed to submit (posts, comments, videos, memes, podcasts, etc.) that are original content as a user to the Sapien platform. Their quality contributions are paid with SPN tokens that increase their reputation on the platform.
  2. Curators: These are trusted guides for various branches on Sapien. Curators discover and share high-quality content within their branch and network. For these users, we have designed voting rewards in SPN tokens that recognize their efforts.
  3. Platform for Freelancers: We aim to provide service to individuals such as freelancers in exchange for SPN tokens. Tasks will be completed on the marketplace with zero transaction fees.
  4. Application Developers: As a developer, you can contribute to our platform as a decentralized app developer. Later in our development phase, we will open up a developer platform that will allow engineers to build third-party applications, integrations, and features for Sapien.
  5. Partnership with Media Companies: Our platform offers partnership with Media Publications to set up independent publishing, individual prices for content, create a sustainable business model, and build reputation with our users.

ICO and Token Distribution

The ico and token distribution starts with the private sale (pre-sale) that begins on January 31 to February 15, 2018. The value of 1 ETH is equivalent to 4000 SPN.  The first phase of the sale will begin on March 3 to April 3 at 1ETH= 3000 SPN. Only 45% of the total supply of tokens will be available at this point, while 30% will be reserved for the platform, 5% will be for bounties, and 20% will go to the team.

We plan to usher in Web 3.0 of the Sapien platform; this will be an evolution of the World Wide Web that allows machines understand the user’s inherent need. The goal is to make creators and users satisfied and empowered.Sapien is a Web 3.0 Social News Platform that will reward millions of content creators, fight fake news & share ad revenue with its users

To learn more about Sapien you can visit their Sapien Website or read Sapien Whitepaper

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