Storiqa (STQ)


Name: Storiqa (STQ)
Total Supply: (14,000,000,000 STQ)
Status: (Over)
Raises USD: ($25,000,000)

Storiqa is a platform that promises to let anyone build an online marketplace using blockchain technology. Basically, it’s a customizable ecommerce platform built on blockchain technology. It promises to change the way we shop online.

The platform is catered towards anyone who sells products and services online – including self-employed entrepreneurs, small-scale manufacturers, family businesses, and all types of online retailers. These individuals might already have an online store, or they might want to create an online store to increase revenue.

It’s no secret that blockchain technology will disrupt the e-commerce field. Consumers and businesses are looking for ways to keep up with the changes – but most of them can’t afford to develop an entire blockchain-based store for themselves. That’s where Storiqa sees an opportunity.

Storiqa is led by Founder and CEO Ruslan Tugushev, Co-Founder and Head of Sales Evgeny Gavrillin, and Co-Founder Nadiya Cherkasova. The company has its head office in Baar, Switzerland (which is in Zug, or “Crypto Valley” as it’s known), along with a development office in Moscow.

The company launched an MVP in August 2017. By February 2018, they hope to allow payment by cryptocurrencies, a multi-currency wallet, and an iOS application. By May, they hope to implement smart contracts into the platform and launch an Android app.

Storiqa — Their Solution

Storiqa is a platform created for buyers and sellers all over the world. With an easy-to-use online store builder, any seller is able to create their own storefront to sell their goods, while making use of the platform’s wide range of features for a minimal fee.

Their service offers great opportunities for self-employed entrepreneurs, small-scale manufacturers, family businesses and makers of handmade crafts, including a selection of tools for direct customer feedback, bookkeeping, sales analysis, advertising and promotion, as well as a convenient, user-friendly interface. Storiqa integrates all the necessary tools for starting the trade and promoting the products to other countries’ markets. This is useful not only for first-time entrepreneur and start-ups, but also for offline shops.

An easy to use platform allows creating an online shop and managing it without additional expenses and staff. One of the main features of Storiqa is the use of blockchain technology, which allows making the platform transparent, open and as safe as possible for both transaction parties, reduction of transaction costs and business costs, and simplification of the purchase process. Decentralization, globalization and the opportunities presented by the use of cryptocurrency in the project are our competitive advantages over other business solutions existing in the market today.

Main advantages of the Storiqa platform:

  • Extensive and easy-to-use service
  • Low fees
  • Low transaction costs
  • Detailed sales analysis
  • Advertising support of your business
  • Payment in popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC etc.).
  • International markets access;
  • Transparent and decentralized review system;
  • Tools for customer communication and financial reporting;
  • STQ token payment for goods and the platform services at special price;
  • CPA network with opinion leaders for product promotion.



Why do sellers need Storiqa?

  1. Low entry.

We offer an efficient, simple, and low-cost set of tools with a clear interface, loyal client base, all to make your goods available internationally.

  1. The possibility of entering the international market of consumables.

Small-scale manufactures may undergo significant structural changes in consequence of growing amount of orders and margin.

  1. The main factor which impedes the majority of small-scale producers from getting into the international market is a high financial entry barrier.
  2. 8+ efficient and ready-to-use tools for successful sales, analysis, and customer feedback
  3. Comprehensive support from the Storiqa team

Business owners can always get in touch with the platform developers using our 24/7 support service, while any customer-related issues can and will be resolved with the help of Storiqa arbitration.

  1. Items can be sold for cryptocurrency or any fiat currency alike

Sellers receive payment in the currency of their choosing, including cryptocurrency.

  1. Storiqa Community Services

Storiqa is a community of helpful people! You can get in touch with the community to request description (with translations), photos and video and text reviews for the items you sell, using the platform’s tokens as a reward.

  1. Affiliate Marketing: Referral offers for reviewers

In addition, we also add an option to earn rewards through spotlighting an item: bloggers, reviewers and other people with an audience can review goods sold through Storiqa and earn tokens through referral links for each item bought.

  1. Guaranteed influx of loyal customers

Offering your goods for purchase using cryptocurrencies and STQ tokens will make your store accessible to a large audience of cryptocurrency holders; and, since cryptocurrencies and tokens are somewhat limited in their use, there will be a guaranteed customer base that will seek to exchange them for goods through Storiqa.

  1. Factoring data using platform-wide store rating

Storiqa will form a platform-wide store rating based on a number of factors, such as delivery speed, quality of items and customer reviews. We will be able to use this rating to supply our clients with the factoring data that will help them eliminate cash deficiency as a problem.

  1. Loyalty program builder based on the proper CPA network

We offer sellers a tool for creating loyalty programs by selling their goods at a discount or giving them to the community via CPA networks, for example for a review or a video overview. The platform will also provide the presence of world-famous bloggers whom the Storiqa participants can send product promotions offers to, and the promoted product sales interest.

  1. Free test of the platform effectiveness

We offer our clients a 60-day free trial. In this period the company can carry out test placements of its products and ascertain the efficiency of the system.

Why do buyers need Storiqa?

  1. Buying what you need from anywhere in the world

Our platform will host millions of unique, tailor-made items created by small-scale manufacturers that you will not be able to buy in any large-scale online store.

  1. Any item can be bought for cryptocurrency or STQ tokens with minimal fees, while

Real world currencies still remain relevant and valid.

  1. Increased cashback when paying with STQ tokens, as well as discounts for purchases made with the tokens.
  2. Convenient and simple search for the goods you need

Storiqa offers an extensive catalog of items sold in stores across the platform with fine-tuned filters and categories, making finding the things you want to buy a simple experience.

  1. Guaranteed quality

Storiqa isn’t just another catchy name: the last two letters, QA, stand for Quality Assurance, and we mean it. We assume the responsibility of ensuring high quality service, and guarantee that the seller will send the buyer the exact item as described and outlined in the product description.

  1. Protecting customer interests and Storiqa arbitration

We guarantee the high quality of items offered through Storiqa. If an item is damaged during shipping, the buyer can request arbitration through Storiqa and request a full or partial refund (using the current exchange rate for crypto-currency-paid orders) after a review.

  1. Safe and secure smart contract deals

When a transaction has been made, the seller can be sure that the buyer will receive their item(s) when and only when it arrives at the destination. At the very moment that the seller sends the package, the buyer receives a tracking code, which will allow them to track their order real-time.

  1. Honest reviews

The smart contract records the interaction between the buyer and the seller, ensuring all reviews come from people who actually bought the item.

The Storiqa Token Sale

15% of emission is reserved for the team and partners, a share will be 3% each and will be unlocked as the project reaches the following token capitalization levels: Token Sale campaign end, $100M, $250M, $500M, and $1000 M. The process will be Escrow-controlled. As a result, it brings the STQ value interests of Token holders and the team together.

Token Sale First Price  – $0.003

Soft Cap – $5 000 000

Hard Cap – $25 000 000

Storiqa aims to change e-commerce by making it easy for anyone to launch a store on the blockchain. Using Storiqa, anyone can launch a blockchain-based store in 10 minutes or less. The Storiqa ICO is taking place throughout November 2017 and the beginning of February 2018, with the final platform scheduled for release in 2018.

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