TokenPay (TPAY)

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Name: TokenPay (TPAY)
Total Supply: (25,000,000 TPAY)
Status: (Over)
ICO End: (Pending)

Token Pay

In the world of block chain there are a number of ICO projects and Token pay is one of them. The only difference is that it has now managed to get a worth about its currency in the market. This block chain project has incorporated with the Block chain cryptographic technology, which is the most famous crypto currency, and linked it with the most advanced security and privacy features. Token pay can be described as a platform that is combining the banking and private exchange closed. This is what makes it the most adopted coin by the consumers and other merchant services.

The vision of the token pay project was to provide a decentralized and self varying payment protocol which can only be accessed by the Tor browser. This makes it one of the most secure crypto currency in the market. They enabled the secure transactions between the parties and to increase the privacy they conducted their own proprietary and digital asset. That asset was named as T Pay. T pay is basically the token that is used by the toke pay protocol.

Following are some of the features that Token pay offers that crypto currency users might not enjoy with other currencies.

Multi Signature support:

The Token Pay protocol is featured with multiple users, shared wallets and 2/3 key unlocking. Although there is standard way of using the Token pay as well but these are some of the features that can increase the accessibility for the users. For standard transactions you are not required to add multiple signatures and you can use it with the single signature. But in case you want to share your account with multiple people then you can use the feature of shared accounts and with 2/3 key unlocking you can make it more secure.

Ring Signatures:

Signatures are the best way to secure the transactions and that is why Token pay has focused on the signature. This digital signature is basically a signature that can be performed by any user of the group that has all the keys. This seems to be a little in secure but the best part is that it is impossible to determine that which of the group member’s keys were used to produce the signatures.

TOR bowser:

There is a special browser named as TOR that is used to interact with the token pay. This browser is specially designed to anonymize low latency TCP based applications. This works similarly as web browsers and messengers.

Dual Key stealth addresses:

With this feature the users can prevent the revelation of data about themselves. These dual key stealth addresses are different from the standard keys of cryptocurrencies. It can be publicly shared by the recipient but the transactions made by the user cannot be linked with it.

Secure communication interface:

There is a peer to peer encrypted instant messaging system that uses an efficient algorithm to maintain the privacy of the conversations when the users are using the wallets. This is actually what that adds to the security and privacy of the Token Pay.


Token pay is clearly aiming to create an ultra secure crypto currency that is built on the original bit coin block chain. And it is clear from the features introduced by the Token Pay that they are on the right track. They have succeeded in enhancing the privacy of the currency. They are not currently looking to introduce their own currency that is TPAY, but they are also planning to launch a bank that will offer virtual cards with which you can spend that TPAY currency.If you want to learn more about Tokeypay you can visit their website or read their Whitepaper  you can also contact us in Bitcointalk .

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