Toplancer is a decentralized blockchain platform that connects clients and freelancers globally

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What is Toplancer?

This is a decentralized blockchain platform that connects clients and freelancers globally. Apart from Toplancer being a freelance platform powered by blockchain, they aim to achieve three primary goals; create best working place, attract great clients and freelancers, and offer the best service in the market. They aim to solve the problems of current freelance system.

The platform is founded by Karthick Sivalingam. An individual who have more than ten years’ experience as a freelancer and five years’ experience in private banking. His Chief Financing Officer and Co-Founder is Hanif. Hanif has worked as a financial analyst in several trading and manufacturing companies for the last seven years. He possesses experience in attracting investments, finance managements that is inspired by the blockchain technology. Both of them aim to build a robust freelance platform with their experienced team members.

How Toplancer will work

  • Clients and freelancers are connected directly by smart contract in the toplancer platform.
  • Clients pay through their local currency and this is converted to toplancer coin by a decentralized exchange.
  • Freelancer submits work done and an escrow system verifies this. If the client is satisfied with this work, the freelancer is paid the equivalent value of toplancer coin.
  • The toplancer coin is automatically converted into tether and held by the escrow system.
  • Freelancers have the option to convert the toplancer coin into currencies like USD, EUR instantly.
  • In situation that the client is not satisfied with the work done, clients can make an appeal to the dispute team.
  • The team that is in charge of dispute review all cases using the evidence provided to make a fair decision, This is the final verdict!


Advantages of using Toplancer

What clients stand to benefit

  • There is loyalty and feedback reward for clients.
  • There is a tool to make effective proposal
  • Presence of algorithm that matches skill, guaranteeing quality
  • Top notch service delivery to clients at minimal cost


What freelancers benefit from Toplancer

  • Different project to handle for newbies
  • Import of rating system and reputation from other platforms
  • Get rewarded with toplancer tokens that’s matches your skill set
  • Instant payment through escrow system



Token holders benefit from toplancer

  • High value of the toplancer token since it is a utility token used to make payment
  • Shared dispute fee amongst holders for dispute settlement.
  • Equal distribution of token from premium plans among token holders.


Unique Features of the Toplancer platform

No commission fee

Users of the toplancer platform (both freelancers and clients), pays zero commission when it comes to using the platform. As a freelancer, you get the project and complete it while getting paid when the job is done.

Escrow system ensures secure payment

Immediately a client requests for a job and pays for the job, the money is being held by the escrow system and released only when the work has been done satisfactorily. The escrow system also releases payment to either party in case of dispute resolution.

Integration of Tether (USDT)

The volatility of the coin will be kept in check by the use of Tether. This is the traditional US currency that is held in reserves. It ensures the stability of payment.

Elimination of identity theft

Blockchain as a decentralized system ensures reliability removes business and data thefts that are associated with central systems. The platform will be a trustworthy one due to its decentralization.

Settlement of disputes fairly

Clients and freelancers can be rest assured that fair judgment will be given in case of dispute resolution. The tribunals that will be in charge of these are the token holders unlike entities making decisions in a central system. The thousands of token holders will be the ones to make decision.

A platform that is independent

As a client and freelancer, you can import your ranking and reputation from other platforms to show your level in the freelance business. You will not be considered as a newbie or someone with no reputation when you do this.

Data security

The blockchain helps to keep your data safe and secure through the use of files consisting of blocks.

Availability of gig store

You can offer your gigs to potential clients by displaying your gigs freely and easy on the toplancer platform. Prices for the service you render can also be applied to these gigs.

Connection among Toplancers

Apart from the platform acting as a freelance platform, it also acts as a social media system for toplancers to connect and interact with one another. You can share knowledge, ask question and learn from other experts.

No fake review

After a successful delivery of job can a review be given. Algorithms to detect suspicious reviews will also be in place.

User accounts is free of suspension

As a freelancer, you will not be suspended without being notified. If you have committed a mistake, you will be asked to correct it or take your case to the tribunal team to seek redress.


Your profile will be visible on the internet

Aside the fact that your profile will be on the internet, it will also be optimized to be visible by search engines.


Token sale and ICO

20 million TLC token is earmarked to be sold and distributed during the token sale. Participants in the private sales gets a chance to get 100% bonus on their investment until all the tokens has been distributed on end of sales on 31st of March 2018. All unsold tokens at the end of ICO will be burned. 1 ETH is an equivalent of 100,000 TLC including bonus. Pre-sale starts on the 1st of March 2018, while the public sale starts on the 1st of April 2018.

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