Tutor Ninja Token (NTOK)


Name: Tutor Ninja Token (NTOK)
Total Supply: (33,000,000 NTOK)
Status: (Over)
Raised USD: (Pending)

Tutor Ninja Token (NTOK) is a global decentralized ecosystem for continuing education aimed at allowing tutors and students to interact via an online platform based on a blockchain. The education market is rapidly moving from offline to online. Tutoring, one of the biggest segments of the education market is forecasted to reach $227 billion by 2022.

Currently, online tutoring accounts for only 3 to 5% of the tutoring market, but is expected to grow fast and become mainstream in the fields of language study, pre-school preparation, supplementary instruction for K-12 students, continuing professional education. Distance learning with a tutor is expected very soon become a regular teaching and learning method across a wide range of subjects and topics.

School and university students, adults, and parents will choose distance learning with a tutor as a way of gaining new knowledge or valuable cultural experiences, preparing for exams, improving professional skills, or just learning for fun. Over the next few years more than 70% of the tutoring market is expected to go online, creating a dynamic market whose value may exceed $150 billion in size.

The current tutoring market lacks innovation as:

  • Most courses are offline and students are forced to spend valuable time traveling;
  • Middlemen (commercial schools and study centers) take significant cuts;
  • The few tutors who offer distance learning courses are usually forced to use Skype, which is not suited for educational purposes;
  • It is hard to find a tutor to provide specific support for individual learning objectives;
  • Students choose teachers on the basis of unreliable and sometimes fake ratings.

The NTOK platform is aimed at solving all these problems by developing an online tutoring ecosystem based on blockchain technology. NTOK’s key participants are tutors and students. Other participants include educational content and device providers who are interested in attracting NTOK audience’s attention to their products.

The main focus of the NTOK platform is on foreign languages, other popular subjects and topics, preschool education, supplementary instruction for K-12 students, as well as coding and blockchain courses. NTOK makes it possible for tutors specializing in various subjects to join the platform. After completing a series of online lessons, the student can start working with a different tutor on the same subject, or he/she can study with several tutors at the same time. The open nature of the platform means that the ecosystem will be able to expand rapidly.

Andrew Kravets is the Co-Founder & CEO. He is the head of IR Andrew has more than two years of experience in the online tutoring sector. He has created tutor-ninja.com and is the winner of the Startup Cup Russia 2015. Alexey Borisov (CTO) has over 13 years of experience in the technology industry, including block-chain projects development. He wrote a paper on simulation modeling. Alexey has an immense experience in web integration and diskless workstations.


Functionalities of the NTOK Tutor Platform

  • Tutor search and selection

Students will be able to search using several parameters, for example: by subject, profile, language, price, rating, availability, etc. Students will receive a set of profiles for tutors available to teach the requested subjects for the price and at the times specified as part of the search.

  • Video lessons

Tutors will have the ability to record video lessons (both free and paid) that any student can use. Students will be able to post separate ratings for video lessons. Video lessons will be organized according to the following parameters: subject, pro-file, language, price/free, number of views, rating. Video lessons will provide students with greater access to learning content and also allow tutors an additional marketing opportunity within the ecosystem and an additional chance to earn NTOK tokens.

  • Online schedule for tutors and students

Students will be able to see free slots in the teacher’s schedule as well as their own upcoming lessons.

  • Direct payment to tutors using crypto tokens on the Ethereum blockchain

The students will know that they are paying the tutor directly, without paying a significant markup to a middleman.

  • Interactive study area

Participants will enjoy audio and video connection with better quality than Skype, chat, file sharing, interactive whiteboard, and also benefit from an interactive testing system offering unique types of exercises for each subject category.

  • Rating system based on a blockchain

Only those students who have attended a lesson with a tutor can leave feedback on that tutor. It is technically impossible for anyone except the student to create, moderate, or delete any feedback. This guarantees that ratings are based exclusively on real experiences and are as reliable as possible.


Benefits of Tutor Ninja Platform

  • Novel P2P Learning Platform:

This is a ‘first of its kind’ attempt to create an online platform that helps eliminate “geographical borders between tutors and students” via the use of latest technological advancements such as:

  1. High Quality Video
  2. Superb Audio

In addition to this, the NTOK platform also comes loaded with additional peripheral features such as “whiteboards, lesson scheduling, payments and interactive learning methods”. Basically, the aim is to create a virtual classroom that uses the foundational structure of a P2P network.

  • Advanced Rating System

Many people must have noticed that the rating systems used by various retailers and other websites have weaknesses, that expose them to the dangers of fake reviews. However, since NTOK is created on the blockchain, it is immune to any issues of false customer submissions etc.

  • No 3rd Party Interference

As a result of its design, this educational platform completely eliminates the need for any “intermediaries between the tutors and students” (thereby, significantly reducing overall costs that are incurred by the pupil).

Additional Benefits to Keep In Mind

  1. Cheaper: as mentioned earlier, through the use of NTOK, students can directly get in touch with a teacher, without having to bear any additional costs such as tuition, maintenance or stationary fee. (only the teacher’s fee needs to be covered)
  2. Fully functional: NTOK will provide users with the ability to interact with their mentor via High Quality video + audio.


Token Distribution

According to information gathered from the company’s website, 3% of all released tokens will be put into a Bounty, whereas 7% will be used to replenish Tutor Ninja NTOK platform reserves. However, the major chunk (70%) will be released to the public, and 20% will be made available to the management and advisory team.

Additionally, there us a cap on that of $15m that has been set. The company’s native token will be ERC20 compliant. The sale will start on the 15th of January, and finish on the 15th of the following month.

In terms of the distribution of funds:

  1. 40% of all gathered money will be used to bolster current operations, reserves and even refinance certain aspects of the project.
  2. 35% of all collected revenue will be used by ‘Marketing & Sales’ in order to help in the expansion of NTOK to countries all across the globe.
  3. The rest of the funds will be used for product optimization including platform development, blockchain implementation, introduction of new courses and localization for various languages & countries.

If you want to learn more about NTOK you can read their Whitepaper or Join their Telegram group.

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