Uchit creates an opportunity of collaboration and communication


What is Uchit?

Uchit is a platform that is peer to peer that creates an opportunity of collaboration and communication that is designed to enhance the communication process with one or two people, a large audience and members of team. The platform eradicates the need for middleman, and is set up to increase the way in which people (users) interact among themselves, communicate with their listeners and cooperate with members of their team.

The platform enables its users to swap information through the blockchain network without any intermediary using Ethereum ecosystem as its basic operating system in transaction-processing. Uchit functions as a completely decentralized substitute for transferring data as well as trading values via encryption of communications on blockchain and having nodes in communicating directly – this enables users’ interaction whenever they wish. The collaboration of distributed networks in a skeptical manner is established without any failure.

Siddhant Dixit is the brain behind uchit; he also doubles as the founder and CEO. The team members pride themselves in their passion for business, expertise in the industry, innovation, development, and marketing.


What the uchit p2p network actually does

Network Basics – First

It allows connection to be made between the peers in order to carry out first operation that is, communication such as (text chat, voice chat, and video chat). After connection has been established between the peers, communication can take place. This mode or method of communication can be easily used to interact and also to share files, explore the same programming project folders, as well as editors and also share screen time etc.



Applications of uchit

As a system, it is built to support all types of communication such as voice, text, and video chat. There will be an extension for use of other tools as the time goes on. Examples of the application of the system will be a market place that will be used to buy and sell templates of projects, live programming editors, and live to do boards. The use of these applications will be facilitated through the use of the UCHT token, and users will also be rewarded with UCHT for the use of the applications offered on the platform. Community members can also make suggestions on the functionality they would like to see on the platform.

Benefit to users of the platform

The development of the system provides an end to end solution that users of the system can benefit from. Other benefits are:

Personal communication

The platform is set up for communication with friends and families. Users can keep in contact through fast end text, voice, video chats as well as be able to share files among themselves.

Professional communication

As team members (programmers, musicians), the platform also allows you to work on project together. Hiring professionals has never been easier through the use of applications as you can collaborate, do business meetings and also host webinar events.

Serves APIs for gaming platforms

Gaming platforms can use the uchit API to integrate their games into the platform using blockchain technology that is text or voice chat based.

Website integration

Websites can use the uchit voice, video, and text applications on their website. It can be used as a form of communication for the members of their community.

Solutions offered on the uchit blockchain

  1. Ability to locate like-minded people for your project.
  2. Ability to form a team of professionals
  3. Ability to hire team members for your project
  4. Offsite working location
  5. Communication
  6. Assets or templates management
  7. Availability of tools for collaboration
  8. Content creation
  9. Showcase of products
  10. Availability of content creation tools for marketplace

ICO details and token distribution

The main objective of the ICO is to distribute the UCHT tokens to the intended users of the platform for use in the market place. Part of the funds will be used in the development of the ecosystem and maintenance of the ecosystem. Contribution to the crowd sale should come with no profit expectation, as the token is expected to be used on the network.

Based on the ethereum blockchain, the token symbol is UCHT. The contribution softcap will be 5 million dollars and is expected to reach a hardcap of 50 million dollars or 60,000 ETH. 4500 UCHT is expected to be an equivalent of 1 ETH.

ICO will commence of the 1st of May 2018 with three stages that has different expression of interest and bonus. There is 50% of bonus for stage 1, 20% for stage 2, and 5% for stage 3 which is the public sale. From distribution, the community members will get 65%, 8% of the distribution for the founders and team members of the project, 10% for the board of advisors, 6% for promotion, and 2% for bounty campaign.

As a hub for communication and collaboration, the uchit blockchain wants to make it easy to find, connect, hire and work together with people. They also have plans to continue developing as the need arises and develop an API plan for the integration of the primary services they offer.

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