Uranus (URAC)


Name: Uranus (URAC)
Total Supply: (3,500,000,000 URAC)
Status: (Over)

Uranus is a ubiquitous sharing platform that aims to be the Airbnb and Uber for computing resources, enabling computing-power services beyond the conventional public clouds. By interconnecting countless computing resource contributors and users, the Uranus project empower redundant resources in the world. Establishing an expandable public blockchain and an innovative distributed-container technology that provides efficient, cost-effective and decentralized computing services for all users.

Uranus Empower the redundant computing power of the world by providing ubiquitous and shared-computing services beyond centralized public clouds (i.e. Amazon, Microsoft, Ali) with blockchain technology. Reconstructing the landscape of the global computing-power service market and utilizing containers to integrate various applications on a distributed-computing platform, building a new ecosphere based on a public blockchain. As Mark Weiser, a proposer of ubiquitous computing, once said, “technology should create calm, that which informs but doesn’t demand our focus or attention.”

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