weBloc (WEB)


Name: weBloc (WEB)
Total Supply: (10,000,000,000 WEB)
Status: (Over)

weBloc project has kept working with other ICON’s DApps including Bluewhale and Airbloc so that we can take the other pillar of the blockchain world ICON and its DApps, taking the pivotal role in digital advertising. Cooperative projects with ICON and DApp ecosystem can create synergetic impacts by connecting with the weBloc protocol.

weBloc is a Tokenized Advertising Alliance Protocol. weBloc aims to shift the center of the gravity from advertisers to users in order to create a horizontal and interactive digital advertising ecosystem. The advertising ecosystem connected with the weBloc protocol will gradually evolve into a decentralized AD Exchange structure. Unlike the existing advertising ecosystem where only advertisers led transactions, all participants can make mutual transactions in the decentralized AD Exchange

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